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Hans R

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Sep 25 2009
The new Firefox icons (extras) are nice and all, but they don't really match the rest of the GNOME Colors set, I think you should add the old Tango Firefox icons as well. - Jun 16 2009
Did that now, didn't work. First thought I got was that, when running, Software Properties serves GNOME Do its own fixed-sized icon, but that doesn't explain that GNOME Do got an high resolution icon through application name (.desktop) when I created a script serving only low-res icons. - Jun 04 2009
The custom icon shows, has been like this since gnome-colors first came out on basically all my computers.

It looks nice when I type "Software Sources" in Gnome-Dos interface, but when it starts, the icon gets way too small.

I will look through software-properties-gtk's source and see if I can see anything. - Jun 04 2009
The "Software Sources" icon is blurry in GNOME-Do. - Jun 04 2009
The "Software Sources" icon is blurry in GNOME-Do. - Jun 04 2009
The Todo, CSS and Perl mimetype icons are a little further to the right than the others. Maybe you should fix that. - Apr 29 2009
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Jan 22 2009
Yes, I am aware of that. I'll see what can be done. - Jan 22 2009
You need the Pidgin Screenlet before adding this theme. Probably lies under the screenlets section here on - Jan 22 2009
There you go, please tell if there are any bugs, I havenĀ“t got the chance to test it on other computers. - Nov 11 2008
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Jan 07 2009
I would be a lot easier for people to, as you say, use it in their projects if you would release it under an proper license (like GPL, MIT or Creative Commons). As it is now, people can not distribute the icon with their projects since they do not own the copyright for it. - Jan 09 2009
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May 07 2008
I don't know if my comment matters, but this is a real contest, just Google it and you'll find a lot of GNOME people mentioning it. - May 19 2008
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by jaanos

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Jan 09 2009