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Sep 07 2004
X11 already appears to have a fix for this, I'll make the necessary changes and then there will be full Unicode support in touchtyper as well. - Sep 08 2004
I originally chose Courier, because the display needs to have a fixed width font. I concurr, that this needs to be set in the configurations options.

Observations well noted, thanks. - Sep 08 2004
That's a confirmed bug, I'll fix it ...

Yes, Touch Typer does work with Unicode, but there's a drawback since X11 does not support full Unicode with their Keysyms, the unicode support is therefore somewhat limited for the moment. - Sep 08 2004
The links are now correct. - Sep 07 2004
Sorry for the mixup, but the links were still pointing to older files. The pointers have now been fixed, and are pointing to the correct versions of the programs.

Again, sorry for the mixup. - Sep 07 2004
You're welcome Bro.

All feedback and suggestions are welcome. - Sep 07 2004
No, it's not ktouch ... the main program uses quite a different approach to typing. The touch typer part, is merely a small part of the suite. - Sep 07 2004
The main program has been converted to Unicode, it's in the CVS now. The other two will be converted, and then a new release will be made. - Aug 29 2004
I'm working on it, but I need to replace a class to do it. A class that uses STL, must be replaced to use Qt instead, to traverse unicode texts. - Aug 27 2004
I'll look at it. - Aug 01 2004
It shouldn't be necessary ... the program reads the current layout of the keyboard, directly from X Window. You should see on the screen, the same layout as is on the keyboard. If there is a difference, let me know. - Aug 01 2004
I'll change the text to Unicode ... that's a good suggestion, and will be actuall in the next days. I'll consider the other suggestions, and try implement them as soon as possible. - Jul 27 2004