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Periscopes and Radar

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Oct 01 2005
It will take me longer to reply to you than it did to think up the license. I Give away picutres for a specific use: to give back to the comunity that has given me such a rich operating environment.

Use it or don't. I don't care.

Try an ideologial debate at kuro5hin.

Just don't use my pictures on a cd not using OSS. Don't put my pictures on a krappy window$ desktop. Use it on an impress presentation. Use it on openbsd. *gasp* use it on kde.

I like my pictures and they are still mine. But I still like to share them with others.

If people get zealotry instead of complements, they might take their toys and go home.

Heck. If some distro would include it, I might be honored. But until then, I will remain the troll under the bridge with a camera. - Jan 05 2006
Actual sub. Actual Bridge. Actual blurr. Sub ID beacon illuminates the shot. - Oct 09 2005