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GTK3 Themes 94 comments

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Jun 14 2013
The theme is now broken with GTK 3.12. - Apr 16 2014
So I just went and finally got my updates and was pleasantly surprised to find that nothing seems to be broken when it comes to any of my GTK3 applications even though they are now using GTK 3.10. - Nov 30 2013
I would really appreciate some information on this as it is the main thing keeping me from upgrading my Arch install. - Nov 04 2013
So no word on this? - Oct 20 2013
So how are things shaping up for using the theme with GTK+ 3.10? - Oct 07 2013
Thanks for all your work, that does appear to have fixed the problem.

Regarding desktops, the main reason I am on Xfce is that I use Zaphod Mode for handling my two monitors, and other than KDE it is the only one that handles it properly.

Besides, I have now gotten myself quite comfortable with it, although interestingly I use certain LXDE applications (lxrandr, lxterminal, lxtask) to round out the desktop instead of using the prescribed Xfce tools.

Regarding the menus, consistency is what we have always strived for, so try it. - Jun 14 2013
Actually, I run the theme with Xfce and LXDE. So the GTK2 one is my main one, with GTK3 theming only being used for my GTK3 applications (primarily Audacious, Gnome Mplayer, Gedit, some newer system configuration GUIs, and the few other Gnome applications I still use). - Jun 11 2013
There is an odd thing which happens with the menus of nm-applet and and the one you get when you left clik in gedit. - Jun 07 2013
You did not miss a difference between GTK2 and GTK3, I just dislike the new shorter height. I notice that in LibreOffice no matter what the height is 25px, so maybe we could settle on that, just to make everything consistent. - Jun 06 2013
Sorry to keep harping on about this, but I did truly prefer the older thicker application menu bars. While the new ones are at least consistent between GTK2 and GTK3, which has been my main complaint before, I must admit to not taking much of a shine to the constrained text spacing on the newer, shorter ones. - Jun 06 2013
That does seem to fix that. :)

Speaking of nitpicks, I noticed the GTK3 text is ever so slightly paler than the GTK2 ones. - May 10 2013
Much better, though perhaps 2 pixels larger than with the GTK2 ones (again, checked with Gimp). - May 09 2013
There are the now the same size, thank you. The horizontal space between entries is still different, but I suppose I could get used to that. It is not a real huge issue.

Thank you for putting up with my concerns. - May 02 2013
That is definitely better, but the GTK3 menu bar now appears to be about 2 pixels too large (checked against each other in the GIMP) and GTK2 still allows for more horizontal space between entries.

Excuse my pedanticism. ;)
- May 01 2013
It works fine, except for the the fact that application menu bars are once again inconsistent between GTK2 and GTK3, in both height and the spacing between items (I prefer the GTK2 spacing). - May 01 2013
Yeah, I am holding up on upgrading until you can get around to that. Thanks for the heads up. - Apr 29 2013
Great work, although I do not understand the Firefox instructions you have in the description.

Main remaining problems I am experiencing:
1. Firefox and LibreOffice still show white text when menu selected
2. pavucontrol still has inconsistent background colours between items
3. The whole GTK3 button issue - Feb 23 2013
Just reporting that LibreOffice appears to have the same issue I mentioned in the document that Firefox has. - Feb 15 2013
I made up a nice little document detailing the issues I am seeing with the theme on Fedora 18: - Feb 01 2013
I am going to be upgrading my my main machine to Fedora 18 once some new hardware arrives, so I am wondering if you have done anything interesting since we last discussed things. - Jan 26 2013
Nice, although I swear the colours in the menus are different, with the GTK3 one having a gradient. I also noticed one other knit to pick: the tooltips in GTk2 are now square bordered while GTK3 are round. Which is odd since it used to be the other way round for me, but anyway...

Keep up the good work! - Dec 14 2012
Things are looking rather good now; only quibbles are with the buttons in GTK3 (which you commented on) and the fact that in GTK3 the menus and scrollbars have Clearlooks like themeing as opposed to what is seen in the GTK2 theme.

Tested on Fedora 18 Beta. - Dec 11 2012
Your base theme seems to have it as well: - Dec 02 2012
Your base theme seems to have it as well: - Dec 02 2012
I had to try it out on my brothers machine as my main computer is still on Fedora 16. It is looking good, although I noticed a slight oddity with the Nautilus sidebar: - Dec 02 2012
Okay, no pressure. Just your word that it will receive updates at some point is enough for me. - Nov 28 2012
So have you made any more progress on updating the theme? I am beginning to worry that I may have to look for something different with the pending release of Fedora 18 (Gnome 3.6). - Nov 28 2012
I am just wondering if you have any plans to get this working on Gnome 3.4 soon? I would like to be able to use it on Fedora 17. - Jun 02 2012
I mainly use this theme due to the fact it provides fairly good consistency between GTK2 and GTK3 applications. However, one thing that bugs me is the huge difference in Tooltips. Is there anyway that this could be improved? - Feb 27 2012

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 1 comment

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Nov 27 2013
I did not create the Clearlooks2-Squared Metacity Theme - that was done by Jason Ivany. I merely created the Xfwm port.

Thanks for the namecheck all the same though. - Jan 17 2014

GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

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May 04 2014

GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

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May 04 2014

by Perberos

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May 26 2013
Adwaita Elements

GTK3 Themes
by Peyton

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Sep 28 2011
Adwaita Elements

GTK3 Themes
by Peyton

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