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Tiled Quicklaunch

Plasma 5 Menus 11 comments

by risu
Score 68.6%
Sep 10 2019
It is not useful for light themes. Text is hardly visible and utility for the end user is limited with the excess work required to make it useful. I dragged a running application from another panel to it and the was no response on click. I would like to use it regardless of which theme I choose. - Oct 30 2019
RSS widget

Plasma 5 Applets 10 comments

Score 65.7%
Apr 25 2018
It gives "Plasma::Package::installPackage: Could not register package as service" error. I sense this will necessarily have (fatal) consequences on the other side. - Jan 09 2019
No trace of it in the add widget items after reboot. Still KDE shows it is installed (Discover, Add widgets -> Get New Widgets …). I had installed Simple RSS Widget as well and it worked until I decided to remove both of them and reinstall. RSS Widget still shows installed (offers to uninstall) while Simple RSS is removed. It seems it is somewhere untouchable. What is the mechanism of plasma hookup? - Jan 08 2019
RSS Widget does not show in add widget items but plasma shows it is installed. What is the problem? - Jan 07 2019
Air Quality Widget

Plasma 5 Weather 28 comments

Score 63.3%
Feb 01 2019
It reverts back to PM-2.5. - Dec 30 2018
It is good to be able to choose which parameter to screen on the panel. If running more than one instance, it becomes difficult to compare. That way at least one parameter for all locations can be compared at a glance. - Dec 29 2018
I don't see this station in search results: - Dec 29 2018