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Icon Sub-Sets by iamFIREcracker 50 comments

those theme is quite perfect ! really nice work !!!! thumbs up !!!!

have just some new proposals.
* icon for CD/DVD Creator
* Gimp Icon
* BitTorrent
* Xchat
* something for Java
* Hardinfo
* K3b
* steamtuner
* Thunar (like nautilus)
* Tomboy
* Gcfilms
* Desktop Effect
* Backup Icon

however, perfect work, really ! - Sep 04 2007
ATER Gaim Guification

Various Gnome Stuff by Simzer 6 comments

in case that you can't see those theme in the guificiton plugin tab here is the solution.

open the theme.xml file and delte one of the two <?xmlversion='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?> lines on top. Save and done. Then refresh your theme list in gaim/pidgin and the theme will appear.

in case gaim: you have to put all files in the /home/user/.gaim/guification/themes/Ater/

in case you'r using pidgin just use:

by - Aug 23 2007
ATER 5 color

Metacity Themes by Simzer 72 comments

Can someone tell me where I can download the 2006.08.10 - v0.5 - Green version ???

I can't find any link to them ???

thanks - Jul 31 2007