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Nautilus Scripts by haegar2012 2 comments

Last year I found nautilus scripts because I wanted to be able to change symlinks via context menu in nautilus an I've found editSymLINK by Johannes Storm.

I've always been annoyed not being able to create a new folder in Nautilus 2 list view, because it wasn't in the context menu.
So I decided to bring this functionality back via a simple nautilus script.

Maybe someone will be happy to use this little script too.
You will need to install zenity and coreutils if you haven't installed yet already, that's all!
Just copy the script in your nautilus script folder [sth. like <yourhomedir>/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/] and make it executable, ready and go!

Feel free to distribute and share :-)

Best regards stefan - Jun 21 2012