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Bastien Nocera
"Borealis" sound theme

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Nov 14 2004
A few of your sounds are now used in the default GNOME sound theme. Download gnome-audio on the GNOME website for more bits :)

Thanks! - Mar 21 2008
The problem is that, if your sounds are used as system sounds, we can't say whether a proprietary app will "use" them.

Is there any chance for you to choose a Creative Commons license such as to avoid interpretation problems.

Or could you tell us whether using your sounds as part of gnome-audio would be OK with you?
- Mar 20 2008
Before those sounds can be used in GNOME, the license would need to be fixed. It says: "You may not use these sounds in any non GPL-ed or LGPL-ed software/OS for profit-making purposes."

This means that people using proprietary GTK+ apps (Acroread, VMWare, etc.) for their work can't use your sounds.

Something like a Creative Commons license would be more fitting, or at least an explanation of what uses of the sounds you're trying to avoid.

PS: Tried to e-mail you, but didn't get an answer. - Mar 04 2008