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harold perez
Elegant Dark

GTK2 Themes by ayoli 15 comments

absolutely awesome, i've been using elegant brit and i find this dark version very usable... but, there's always a "but".. in this case is the dark background in emesene and/or pidgin... the fonts are unreadable, i know i can set the color of my own fonts in white for the right contrast but the incoming message comes in black text since it usually comes from a windows box, and black over white is standard over there... did i explain myself??
i dont know if this is fixable... but its no good for me, im on a laptop and sometimes when outdoors or on a poor lightning conditions, its just impossible to read black fonts over dark background - Mar 24 2008
In the margins for emesene

Full Icon Themes by Nopersona 2 comments

outstanding job there my friend! rated good o'course - Mar 12 2008
My Conky Config

Conky by Hund 4 comments

drives... i meant drives - Mar 06 2008
My Conky Config

Conky by Hund 4 comments

that's a lot of hard drivers you got there - Mar 06 2008
Elegant Brit

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 284 comments

ok i see now, installing xfce just for the heck of it... might try that out later, now im getting to bed, its really late down here... algo me dice que hablas español, no se si sera tu nombre, pero probablemente saltaran algunos nazis a recriminarme si hablo en español, so back to english again:
there's an ancient japanese saying: "if your problem has a solution, then why worry about it... and if it doesn't have a solution, then why worry about it"
you see, i hope you get it right :D

congratulations on your designing job, is really good, and the rest of the things...
just be cool... - Mar 05 2008
Elegant Brit

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 284 comments

nice work there, i really like the theme, using it now in fact, but i must confess you, what i like the most of your screenshot is the clock you got there in the panel, is ths the regular gnome-panel clock? i really want that... congrats again, and hope you've worked out your personal issues - Mar 04 2008
Frame Screenlet

Conky by Whise 8 comments

great work! rated good obviously - Feb 29 2008
Deviant Lines and such

Gnome Screenshots by Slaney 5 comments

i guess the next question is pretty obvious:
what fonts are those? (the ones that i thougt were icons) - Feb 22 2008
Deviant Lines and such

Gnome Screenshots by Slaney 5 comments

how did you put those icons in conky? they're real nice - Feb 22 2008
Uplink GTK and Metacity Theme

GTK2 Themes by xavieran 15 comments

nice work man, not really my style but anyway, you know what is missing tho? a sound theme... - Feb 12 2008
In the margins for emesene

Full Icon Themes by Nopersona 7 comments

hey nice work man, really like your theme, it's hard to find customs for the emesene...
would it be much to ask for a black & white version? - Feb 12 2008
Gentle System Sounds

System Sounds by Bi-Bo 13 comments

hey nice thene, where did you do it? what did you use for making these??

gee... somehow i thought these were GENTLE sounds.... :D - Jan 31 2008

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 41 comments

you know... black is not really a color...

nice work on the theme by the way... - Jan 24 2008

GTK2 Themes by chris0 10 comments

finally!! a usable dark theme !!

i've been trying to find a nice dark theme and found quite a few but none of them usable, nice work man! - Jan 21 2008
Ubuntu Fusion

GDM Themes by Fuz2y 4 comments

that's a really bad link! it goes to a microsoft outlook website thing, and it's in brazilian so... go figure - Jan 08 2008
xl_cheeselooks gtk-engine

GTK2 Themes by xlcheese 50 comments

hey... i've always tried to change the pattern in the nautilus background as you have.. how is this done?¡? - Jan 07 2008

GTK2 Themes by greasedbolt 5 comments

nicest dark theme so far... - Dec 29 2007

Wallpaper Other by ThrasherSC 10 comments

maybe you're looking in the wrong section.... perhaps you should try your luck at a debian oriented site!! don't you think?

or or... why don't YOU make something better and post it here and deal with the criticism of the comunity.. huh?? what do you think?? - Dec 29 2007

GTK2 Themes by Junior-E 40 comments

the download link leads to a screenshot...
i'd like to give it a try but there is no file there - Dec 18 2007
Black Linux 1280

Wallpaper Other by mentalrey 1 comment

very classy. i like it! - Jul 26 2007
Ubuntu Wind Stroke

Wallpapers Ubuntu by naurus 6 comments

nice but the text kinda messes up my transparent top panel, but i guess that's not your fault :P nice work tho - Jul 24 2007
Ubuntu White

Wallpapers Ubuntu by cammarro 2 comments

im using the white on my desktop and the black one on my laptop :D - Jul 24 2007
Amora Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Embrace 33 comments

superb quality, exquisite design... thanks for this! - Jul 21 2007