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Cliparts 34 comments

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Sep 27 2007
May I request a PClinuxOS sticker too?
Pclos magazine has one you can order, or just make one from the image they give, but it looks to corporate to me. - Aug 19 2008
Amarok Icon Set

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May 09 2008
Wonderful job on the red and the green! - May 24 2008
Dark Amarok Icon

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May 08 2008
This one is my favorite! XD - May 08 2008
Red Angry Amarok Icon

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May 08 2008
It The others are cool too, but I'm not sure a simple color change works with the dark red. It looks like a shadow. If that's what you were going for, thats great! But I'd remake the flare effect for the eye to make it stand out better and look mean and angry. :) - May 08 2008
Convert tgz2deb

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

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May 06 2006
could you do this to? I have no problem with rpms but those tarballs are hell. - Apr 09 2008