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by Whise
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May 20 2008
I am using WallpaperClocks 2.3 and would like to store all of my wallpapers in /usr/share/screenlets/WallpaperClocks/wallpapers. I can unzip the clock files to that directory and even get them to show up in the menu but I can't seem to get them to work the wallpaper image never gets copied to the users home directory even if manually copied the clock arms never show up. I am not much of a programmer and I don't know python very well but it looks like all the file references only point to ~/.screenlets/WallpaperClock

I tried editing the python script as show below but still have no luck. Any ideas?
# wall_sel = os.listdir(os.environ['HOME'] + '/.screenlets/WallpaperClock/' + 'wallpapers')
wall_sel = '/usr/share/screenlets/WallpaperClock/wallpapers'
# imagepath = os.environ['HOME'] + '/.screenlets/WallpaperClock/'
imagepath = '/usr/share/screenlets/WallpaperClock/'

- Jan 27 2009