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yoann weber , France
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Nautilus Scripts 23 comments

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Feb 23 2009
Sorry for the late. I will add your translation as faster as i can.
Thanks ;) - Oct 29 2008
Good idea ;) I'll see if it's possible to add this without rewrite all the code. But i think it's possible. - Sep 07 2008
Thank you Fivizzz for all your comments!
And thanks again for the translation! - Sep 03 2008
You're not forced to put it in a specific place. You can launch it wherever you want.
But if you want to use it in an easy way, you can put it in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ ( or /home/your_name/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts, that's the same ).
Then, do a right click, go in scripts menu and launch it ( just check if the script have execution permission ).

You can also copy this script in /usr/bin/ .
Then do ALT+F2 ( that's working on KDE and Gnome ) and type usbumount to launch it.

- Aug 28 2008
Thank you for your encouragement! - Aug 27 2008
On Fedora, notify-send is installed by default.
Glad you find the answer to your problem! - Aug 26 2008
I created this application to avoid opening nautilus everytime you want to unmount a device.
I'm on Fedora now. I don't remember this kind of applet on Ubuntu.
Thank you for your message ;-) - Aug 25 2008
Thanks a lot!!

I've put 'volumes_visible' off in gconf-editor too.
So i needed to do this ( added to Gnome-main-menu it's perfect for me ).
I'm glad you like it!
- Aug 25 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Aug 21 2008
Thanks! I can do a lot of things with a gnome foot ^^ - Aug 23 2008
Murrine Clean Blue

GTK2 Themes 36 comments

by bl3
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Apr 30 2009
Thanks! - Aug 17 2008
Nice theme!
Where can i download your wallpaper please?
- Aug 17 2008
Fedora Animated

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Jul 13 2008
I just launched your script as root and it put all pictures and the xml file in gnome directory, not fedora8 directory.
When I came back in the folder that contained and pictures ( inside fedora8 folder ), there were just and readme files in this folder. - Jul 13 2008
I've found the solution to this problem. In fact, you put a wrong path to your pictures inside your xml file.
You wrote this "/usr/share/pixmaps/backgrounds/gnome/fedora8/" instead of "/usr/share/pixmaps/background/gnome".
It's this place that copy pictures.
All you have to do is to edit fedora8.xml and replace with the correct path ;) - Jul 13 2008
It doesn't work for me too.
Anyway, thanks to share ;) - Jul 13 2008