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Sep 21 2011

That is on Xubuntu 11.04 with gtk-engine-nodoka 0.7.2. Exactly the same as 7.5 AND the git version on Arch. Perhaps only fedora does a twist to their theme? The Arch PKGBUILD grabs straight from Fedora though, so..

Strange.. Thanks for all your feedback by the way. Id like to make this is perfect as possible :) - Sep 21 2011
Strange- im running 0.7.5 and the pkgbuild has a fedora URL explicitly listed

I might try the git version to see if there is any difference. Ill also try my Xubuntu install and see if there is any difference. Ill need to find what is most common and design for that, or host another one for a different theme aim.

It does work well both ways though- both ways match nodoka's theme, and so we dont have issues there.

If anyone else can chime in with there distro and let me know what it looks like for them (preferably with a screenshot and the gtk-engine-nodoka version, that would be great.. - Sep 21 2011
Have you tried the latest version? It might be the first I uploaded was as yours is (as I had it prior to the current version), but I dont think so. I suppose it could be a gtk-engine issue where certain nodoka midnight's are colored different- it still works and looks good/fits in both cases. For my research, what distro are you running? Im on Arch running nodoka from the AUR, so perhaps there has been a change? - Sep 21 2011
Looking again at your screenshot, I notice your titlebar is darker then the softest gradient of the Nodoka Midnight bar directly beneath it (File, Edit, etc). Did you change this color value out of preference? Ive been trying to decide whether to do it the way your screenshot is or keep it more blended as I have it now... - Sep 21 2011
Cool- glad you like it. What icon theme is that (file manager)? - Sep 21 2011
Thanks :)

Let me know if you find any glitches.. - Sep 21 2011