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greyg jhart , France
EleMint Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by spootonium 5 comments

Hey great theme ! I love it man.
I created an archlinux user package there ( so people using archlinux could install your theme even more easily.

Keep up the good work ! - Jul 19 2014

Cursors by greygjhart 6 comments

Ok but it's only in the firefox/epiphany window that your busy cursor gets DMZ'd no ? In other windows it keeps working normally right ?

If so then I think I have the answer. My theme must be missing a specific state of cursor used by these two programs which is not 'watch' or 'left_ptr_watch' - which are the only one I knew to mean 'stuff is working'.
If I'm correct then what we need to do is : check all the names of possible states for a cursor in a theme that doesn't cause the problem, and compare with the names of cursor states in LSD. First who does this will probably fix the problem and will have... well all my gratitude.
If it's not that simple, well I'm afraid it's beyond my little knowledge. But don't worry, GQC (Greygjhart's Quality Cursor) will refund you the price of this theme... ; ) - Mar 19 2010

Cursors by greygjhart 6 comments

Hi !
I'm sorry you've got this issue. I don't know anything about the way compiz or stuffs can mess up with the cursors. All I know is that my theme doesn't require complicated things to work (I personnaly use no compiz or anything of this kind).

Is firefox the only program which does this ? I use midori and I face no such issue while I use this cursor. - Mar 18 2010