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Got Christ?

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Oct 16 2003
A perfect example of christian tolerance and a great showoff of fascist, narrow minded stupidity.
Yes, I guess it is better that you and your friends stay on your linux island.

Have Phun - Oct 17 2003
Perhaps the most deep failing of Christianity, deeper by far than its loss of meaning, is Christian intolerance.

* The burning of countless men, women and children for alleged witchcraft, without anything approaching a fair trial.

* The often-fatal persecution of people who gave the real world precedence over Catholic doctrines; daring to suggest, among other things, that the Earth orbitted the Sun. The resultant retardation of scientific, technological and medicinal progress.

* The destruction of thousands of families as parents and children witnessed their loved ones dragged off to be questioned by the Inquisition (of which there were several), and often murdered as a result.

* The innumerable lives wasted, and the generations of people who have not been born as a direct result of these and other bloody massacres in the name of a merciful, loving, benevolent Christ.

* The persecution of (and occasionally wars against) followers of other religions.

* The corruption of Kings and politicians throughout the Dark Ages to ensure that the Church keeps a strangle-hold on the lives of the population.

* The obliteration of indigenous cultures as the Church cut a swathe of destruction among "heathen" continents, taking their lives, property and wealth for itself.

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