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Gregory Ernest Lakeland, US
Sweet Mars KDE

Global Themes by eliverlara 5 comments

Love the theme which is nice and dark would be a ten if all elements were there? Where is the black dolphin folders and were is your log-in screen? Will give it a 10, and I know you worked hard on it, if these issues are resolved. Is doable until then!
- Jun 16 2020
Ant-Dracula KDE

Global Themes by eliverlara 15 comments

Nice theme but missing Icon theme? Is there not an icon theme like in the picture? It is a 10 if you add the icon theme? Otherwise I will delete it. Or maybe tell me which icon theme too use from KDE icon manager. Unusable until you put an icon theme in it. Sorry!
- Jun 15 2020
Monochrome KDE

Global Themes by pwyde 5 comments

Why does your theme not uninstall? That is a problem! Where is all the icons for applications, used in Manjaro KDE? This is an issue. It would be a great theme if it worked? Thanks - Jun 13 2020