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Shaun Green

GTK1 Themes by nedkelly 16 comments

Well because that's what Linux is all about... personal choices and freedom. XP has a childlike, cartoon appearance, whereas OSX looks very clean and professional. So why not run OSX on a totally free Linux distro rather than paying thousands for OSX on proprietary HW!
- Nov 19 2003
SmoothAkua IceWM

Ice-WM Themes by ntesa 18 comments

I tried this and was hoping it would be more like kwinacquamod_l3m-1.2 (a clone of the OSX windec) here on kde-look. This one is getting close, but still has sharp light blue corners at the top (not completely rounded). Maybe it requires a later version of Ice-WM on KDE? I'm running KDE 3.1.3 and I don't know what Ice-WM engine is installed. - Nov 06 2003

GTK1 Themes by nedkelly 16 comments

I tried 4 times to upload it here on kde-look and it keeps saying "invalid filetype". I have both a .png and .jpg, but neither will upload.

I guess this site does not support Opera 7.21 for Linux, that's too bad!
- Nov 05 2003

GTK1 Themes by nedkelly 16 comments

Well, you haven't been looking hard enough then. I have been running an OSX lookalike desktop for the past year on Yoper Linux and have some screenshots I can email you... I KNOW it matches the MacOSX at CompUSA right here down the road because I brought my computer there to test it with the Cinema Grand monitor before I bought one.

I realize that many of these themes are poor clones of OSX, but the ones that stand out as matches are OSX Bar (superkaramba), Acqua (style, correct scroll bars), and kwinacquamod_l3m-1.2 (windec) and of course the huge icon set AQUA-ICONS-07-23-2003 (no longer available here because of copyright I guess). - Nov 05 2003
iTunes style for KDE

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by ThEOnE 23 comments

I like the "ribbed" blue scrollbars on the Acqua style (here on kde-look) much better since they match the original Aqua OSX theme... maybe these could be changed. Also, windec buttons should default to the left side (like your screen shot) or at least be easily configurable from the IceWM control and need the 3 colors; red, yellow, green so the user knows which does what. I tried your IceWM windec, but it still has sharp edges at the top rounded corners (see the kwinacquamod_l3m-1.2 for a nice looking windec that maybe you can use parts of). I look forward to a nice IceWM windec like this because these KDE ones are too difficult to compile on many Linux systems. - Nov 03 2003
New MacOSX Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba by virusbye 30 comments

Actually, all you have to do is put the complex command in one bash script and call that bash script in the theme's config file. At leasrt that works for me with osXBar... - Oct 30 2003