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Steven Eastland , United States of America

Plasma Themes by mcder 218 comments

I think the new screenshot looks great. Thanks for the update. - Apr 05 2016

Plasma Themes by mcder 218 comments

I'm trying to get the icons in the task manager to be the same size as when using the Breeze theme. (I like the space between the icons, just trying to update the padding inside.)

Top is Breeze, bottom is Helium: - Apr 04 2016

Plasma Themes by mcder 218 comments

Thanks, it looks great! I'm just trying to figure out Inkscape now to change my local copy's icon padding to be similar to Breeze. - Apr 04 2016

Plasma Themes by mcder 218 comments

This is my favorite Plasma theme and I'm so glad it's finally updated for Plasma 5. I have just one small issue: there's no indicator in the taskbar for minimized windows. I'm using the icons-only task manager with launchers always shown for some tasks, so I have no way of knowing if a window is minimized or if the application is not running.

Thanks again for the work on this theme! - Apr 03 2016
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by CraigD 642 comments

Never mind - I have "only show tasks from the current desktop" unchecked. I forgot that I had done that. - Sep 30 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by CraigD 642 comments

Well, it's magically working today; by that I mean that the launcher shows the task as running, even though it's on another desktop, which is good enough for me.

Maybe it's because today Icon Tasks was already in the panel when Plasma started, as opposed to adding it after the fact? - Sep 30 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by CraigD 642 comments

...or minimized to the system tray? Though that could be a problem with something like Kopete, I guess, where the main app might be in the tray but chat windows are open. - Sep 29 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by CraigD 642 comments

Is there a way to hide a launcher if the application is running on another desktop? - Sep 29 2011
The xulrunner bug preventing multiple arrows at either end of a scrollbar has been fixed upstream: - Feb 17 2011
Great, thanks for fixing it up. One other thing that I have noticed for a while but have forgotten to mention: the only time I get focus decoration for radios and checkboxes is when focus is set to glow, and even then I get no focus indicator in Firefox (and I assume Thunderbird).

Thanks for all the work on QtCurve. - Nov 16 2010
Looks like it's also happening in Firefox multiple select fields. - Nov 16 2010
With 1.7.1, the folder and message panes have a light blue background instead of white; I'm not sure which KDE value the color is coming from...

Reverting back to 1.7.0 fixes it. - Nov 15 2010
The focus rings for checkboxes and radio buttons in Firefox are off in 1.2.0.

It looks to me like the focus ring is being drawn in the same place but the check/radio is being offset.

Here's a comparison picture of 1.1.1 (top) vs 1.2.0: - Mar 19 2010
Probably it's just me, because I've been using thick color border forever, but the scrollbars look fine that way to me. :) - Mar 19 2010
I really love all the additions in the 1.2 release! Just when I think QtCurve can't get any better... Thanks for all the hard work!

Would it be possible to add an option (or just behavior) to treat mouseover as thick color border for scrollbars when mouseover is set to glow?

Also, this is purely aesthetic, but it seems to me that in the Presets and Preview pane, the focus colors are used instead of hover.
- Mar 18 2010
PlasmaNotify Firefox addon

Utilities by ademmer1977 43 comments

Forgot to add, in FF 3.6 the Firefox icon is also used in notifications instead of the kdialog icon, and recent notifications will be grouped under Firefox instead of kdialog in the system tray. - Jan 29 2010
PlasmaNotify Firefox addon

Utilities by ademmer1977 43 comments

Firefox 3.6 has libnotify support, so download dialogs should now fit in with the rest of Plasma as long as libnotify is installed and is true. - Jan 29 2010
Would you consider adding

gtk-select-all actions/edit-select-all.png

to icons4 for the next release? I noticed it's missing while playing around with Firefox's chrome CSS. - Jan 23 2010
As it turns out, I needed to add a custom userChrome.css to my Thunderbird profile. The default Thunderbird CSS doesn't style it as a regular drop down button, so it isn't picked up by the GTK+ theme.

For those interested, here is my userChrome.css (goes in ~/.thunderbird/<profile>/chrome/):

@namespace url("");

.addressingWidgetCell .menulist-compact {
-moz-appearance: menulist !important;
list-style-image: none !important;

.addressingWidgetCell .menulist-compact > .menulist-label-box > .menulist-label {
text-align: left !important;

And it would be awesome if QTC_DONT_COLOUR_MOUSEOVER_TBAR_BUTTONS behavior got changed at some point. Thanks again! - Jan 14 2010
When I compose a new email in Thunderbird 3, it looks like the dropdown widgets that say To/CC/BCC/etc. are not themed. I don't know if there's anything to be done about it in QtCurve or if it's just Mozilla being Mozilla.

Also, is making QTC_DONT_COLOUR_MOUSEOVER_TBAR_BUTTONS a configuration option instead of a compile-time option still on your radar?

Thanks again for QtCurve! - Jan 14 2010
QtCurve just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for all the hard work! - Jan 05 2010
Would it be possible in a future release to change from using QTC_DONT_COLOUR_MOUSEOVER_TBAR_BUTTONS as a compile-time option to making it user-configurable via qtcurvestylerc?

Also, I assume this is just Firefox being Firefox, but why does Firefox draw the tabs as I have them configured but ignore the mouseover settings?

Thanks for all the awesome in QtCurve. - Aug 06 2009
I just wanted to chime in and say that this also happens to me, but only in Firefox and not "real" GTK2 applications. - Jun 30 2009
Yes, it does. - Jun 24 2009
I had this problem too, using KDE 4.2.92. I had to comment out the references to shadowsActive() on lines 223 and 243 of kwin/qtcurveclient.cpp to get it to compile. - Jun 24 2009
Okay, I found the problem. I changed my hover color to red, and it did indeed change to red on hover. Then I changed it back to the original light blue and it kept working.

The problem was that I did not have any DecorationHover entries in my kdeglobals file. I did a fresh install of KDE 4.3 beta the other day which gave me a kdeglobals without any [Colors:xxx] entries, since they are all the default colors. The KDE4 style worked fine without them, but I guess Gtk2 and KDE3 need them? - Jun 08 2009
No, I'm using KDE4. Nothing has changed on my setup since 0.62.x except for enabling some of the new 0.63 options (tabMouseOver=glow, roundAllTabs=true and highlightScrollView=true). - Jun 08 2009
First, thanks for the update. QtCurve is just awesome.

The GTK2 and KDE3 versions seem to be using the focus color for hover (and maybe the hover color for focus? that one's harder to tell for me). The KDE4 version seems fine. - Jun 08 2009
Here is my imperfect solution for the problem of rounded Firefox input fields having a window-background-color frame drawn behind them:

I put the following in my Firefox userContent.css:

--- cut ---

input[type="password"] {
-moz-appearance: none !important;
margin: 1px;
border: 2px solid ThreeDShadow;
-moz-border-top-colors: ThreeDShadow Window;
-moz-border-right-colors: ThreeDShadow ThreeDHighlight;
-moz-border-bottom-colors: ThreeDShadow ThreeDHighlight;
-moz-border-left-colors: ThreeDShadow Window;
-moz-border-radius: 6px;
padding: 1px 0;

select {
border-width: 2px 1px;
-moz-border-bottom-colors: ThreeDShadow Window;

input[type="password"]:hover {
-moz-border-top-colors: #6393bd #9fcbf2;
-moz-border-right-colors: #6393bd #9fcbf2;
-moz-border-bottom-colors: #6393bd #9fcbf2;
-moz-border-left-colors: #6393bd #9fcbf2;

input[type="password"]:focus {
-moz-border-top-colors: #366b99 #71a6d5;
-moz-border-right-colors: #366b99 #8Cbfed;
-moz-border-bottom-colors: #366b99 #8Cbfed;
-moz-border-left-colors: #366b99 #71a6d5;

--- cut ---

It has the the obvious problem of having border colors for hover and focus states explicitly set instead of using the KDE color settings, but I can always change those if I ever decide to change my color scheme. Select fields also look a little weird with the rounded corners. Overall, though, it's a workable solution for me. - Apr 17 2009
I couldn't get the KDE3 version to build on Jaunty because it the KDE3 dev packages conflict with the KDE4 ones. I suppose I could uninstall the KDE4 packages, build the KDE3 version, then reinstall KDE4 packages, but is there another way around this? - Apr 09 2009
After a lot of trying to figure out why GTK2 apps' fonts looked different than the KDE4 ones (I had gnome-settings-daemon running for font settings and it was seemingly ignored--except for Mozilla apps; go figure), I finally realized that using QtCurve made the GTK2 apps use my KDE4 general font.

My problem is that I had a different font size configured for my menu and toolbars than my general font, which was what was throwing me off. Is it possible to make QtCurve respect these different fonts? I suspect that it is either not possible due to limitations of GTK2 or too much of a hassle to code. - Apr 08 2009
I have Roundedness set to 'Fully Rounded' (the default) and in Firefox input fields in web pages have the area behind the corners drawn using the window background color (I also get a shadow on checkboxes and radio buttons in the same color). I assume that this is because getEntryParentBgCol() is deciding that the window itself is the parent. Is there a way to either

a) somehow detect widgets drawn in web page context (doubtful?) or

b) not detect the parent background color at all and just draw a transparent background instead? - Mar 25 2009
When I have coloredMouseOver set to colored or plastik the slider trough is also colored on mouseover:

This doesn't seem to happen with Gtk2 or KDE4 versions. I fixed it by adding


to line 1835 of style/qtcurve.cpp - Mar 16 2009
I agree. Great new set of options. - Mar 11 2009
I sent them to the address in the AUTHORS file. Hopefully they don't get caught by a spam filter or something. - Mar 04 2009
I have created some patches for the options "Color border" (Mouse-over: Coloration) and "Highlight color, and fill" (General: Focus Rectangle).

Is it all right if I send them to you? - Mar 02 2009
Do you mean that it's not possible to do that with GTK, or that it's just not currently possible with QtCurve? If the latter, is it something that you might consider adding in the future? - Feb 23 2009
I have my mouse-over setting set to "Glow", which on buttons, comboboxes, etc. draws an outline around the widget, but with a scrollbar, it just draws two thicker borders on the top/bottom (vertical) or left/right (horizontal). Is there a way to draw a thin border around the entire scrollbar, like with the buttons, or even turn off scrollbar highlighting while still highlighting buttons and other widgets? - Feb 22 2009
I noticed this too and think I may have finally figured it out. At least on my system, apps launched from the menu have a different GTK2_RC_FILES environment variable set than when launched from the terminal. When launched from the menu my GTK2_RC_FILES also includes $HOME/.kde/share/config/gtkrc-2.0 - a file that is generated when "Apply colors to non-KDE applications" is checked in the Control Center.

At first I just tried to edit the settings in the second gtkrc-2.0 file, but while I fixed OpenOffice, I messed up Thunderbird. Then I noticed that, as far as I can tell, the QtCurve GTK2 engine reads the colors from the same config file(s) as the KDE engine anyway, I unchecked the "Apply colors" box and everything seems to be fine now.

Currently using Arch Linux, KDEmod 3.5.10, Nvidia 177.80, Compiz git from July 2008, and OpenOffice 3.0. - Oct 24 2008
I have googled till my eyes are about to fall out, and can't seem to find the answer to my question. Is there a way to make the GTK2 combo boxes only have a down arrow instead of an up/down arrow combination?

I love this engine! Thanks for your work on it. - Oct 22 2008
taskbar-compiz for kde 3.5.7 with colors

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ivik81 12 comments

Kicker crashes in KDE 3.5.10 when using this applet. It seems to compile fine, but won't play nice with kicker. - Aug 27 2008
Jun 10 2009
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

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