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pumpKin Wallpaper

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Oct 31 2003
Actually, I decided not to place it on kde-look for license-related reasons (and simply time!)

As for the problem with the preview on Blahzone, its a PHPNuke-issue, and one I've seen before. I'm not the admin, so there aint a whole lot I can do, except heed your comment, and make my previews smaller in the future ;)

But welcome to our little community "over there" - hope that you enjoy your stay!


ps: We are gonna put up some christmas theme late november - feel free to point to some walls and stuff :) - Oct 31 2003
Hey :)

I've brewed a quick KDE3 ktheme from your backdrop and placed it at
If you object to this, or have comments, feel free to send them, eg via the blahzone or via email.

/G - Oct 30 2003
Industrial (Korilla)

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Oct 26 2003
Well, perhaps the two of you should work together on an "Industrial" color-set, with various schemes? Could be real-kewl!

/G - Oct 19 2003
karDonkey (new version!)

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Oct 03 2003
I thought mlDonkey DID support BitTorrent .. But as the rule goes - get me the info needed and I'll look into it! :) - Oct 04 2003
Uhm .. ehh .. I honestly dont remember :) perhaps?

I think I have placed it for download at (look under wallpapers), otherwize there is a (sleigthly underdone) version inside a .ktheme for download also at (under download/kde)

Cheers! - Sep 24 2003
No problem - just need a valid source for xmule .. and some info as to how to connect to it (e.g. would I have to run it from within karDonkey to access itm as is the case with Overnet?). If it is similar to eMule, then I currently doubt that external programs can connect to it/control it.

Post a link to their HP or whatever (or email me?) and I will look into it. - Sep 18 2003