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Roman Grachev Moscow, Russian Federation

Audio Apps by trisz 14 comments

I'm not actually against the playlist option in general. It's great, e.g. when I want to listen whole sound theme for KDE. I meant, maybe, you would like to make it an option to play one file once. Like launch argument or field in a kind of settings file...

Nevermind, I like your application very much, now use it as a default one :) - Dec 23 2007

Audio Apps by trisz 14 comments

Thanks, great application! :)

I've found only one problem: could I make kuickplay to play just a single file, not a whole directory as it does by default?

By the way (to first post) you actually _can_ set kuickplay as a default player. To do that, you should enter "Edit File Type" dialog (e.g. from audio file properties), click "Add" button to add new application and then type in "kuickplayer" manually. I did just that and it works :)

Sorry for my English. - Dec 20 2007