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graf fiti
Report from the front: KDE 3.2+ ?

KDE Plasma Screenshots by manyoso 13 comments

What is card desk dude?? I am new to KDE enhancement stuff. I have been seing those cards on screenshots but i can't find them! i searched on for card desk and it couldn't find anything?? - Jul 06 2003
KDE 3.1.2 Aquafied

KDE Plasma Screenshots by diffuze 3 comments

Hi, I use the same aqua skin. The three buttons at the top right corner are the same yellow green red. Still the menus are not like yours. I'll need an appropriate style i guess. Do you know how i can change that. I use a decoration for ICEwm called smooth aqua?? - Jul 05 2003
Blue Salma

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ntesa 10 comments

I love your bars bro. Exceptionally that one at the top of the screen. Is that a superkaramba theme?? And how did you do the one at the bottom, that doesn't look like the default bar!! Please tell me. PLEASSEE!! - Jul 04 2003