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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 60 comments

by gr3gg
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May 17 2005
Well, I am working hard to finalize my design, I did read on the kopete website that they had no intention of making the interface "skinable" so I am a bit torn as to whether I should continue. However, what I will do is release the first mod once I have finished coding it as well as the contact listview update I created as well.

As for the windeco, if I get around to it I will, but I may also release the style that I have been developing as well. One thing at a time though. - May 25 2005
So, I am back. Um was just wondering about this Kopete view plugin. Where is it and what technology does it use to create UIs like the one I modified. - May 17 2005
Well all is well I have backed up all my data so if the hard drive goes then I still have everything :) - Nov 13 2004
Well the good news is that the chat window concept is in the hands of the kopete developers. Bad new is my hdd is about to die and I am trying desperately to get my data off :( Linux does not boot so all I can save is my important windows stuff. I am so fcuked. :(

As for the chat members etc comments, that's why i created the sidebar. For the wallpaper comment, as soon as I get my data off my hdd I will send you the link to it. I am on my other home pc.
Gregg - Nov 12 2004
I am not sure how everything will be integrated. Hopefully, we can stick to the original design but I have to talk to the UI Maintainer first. - Nov 11 2004
I want to apologize as well.

no hard feelings mate. - Nov 11 2004
Well I was referring to themable = skinable. Maybe I got it wrong. But what you said above is correct. - Nov 11 2004
Excellent. I will email you and get things going :)

Dreams do come true .. if you make them happen. - Nov 11 2004
No, this will not be themable. I want to keep with the Kopete specification. - Nov 11 2004
Finally, a great comment. No offense to anyone :) I completely forgot about that sidebar features used in kde. The initial concept was done in Qt so that is why the sidebar is the way it is. As for making it more KDE-ish, I will. I will search for the sidebar feature you suggested and replace the current sidebar with that. Thanks for the suggestion. It's absolutely brilliant.

Cheers :) - Nov 10 2004
Please think about what you are saying before you provide a comment. I am not trying to be offensive. Firstly, the size of the chatwindow is adjustable that is a given. In the screenshots, I have the chatwindow the size that I was using to test the concept. Secondly, the size of the send button is also adjustable. It adjusts to the size of the TextEdit. Therefore you argument is not valid.

Unless you have something interesting to provide, do not comment at all. This almost makes me want to stop doing the mod and not release it. - Nov 10 2004
I am sure if you consider how a GUI would be laid out then it will come to you. It really is not that hard. - Nov 08 2004
This is not a plugin, this is a chat window concept for kopete.

Ciao. - Nov 07 2004
That is exactly why i posted is on Kde-look. I am working to a final design but wanted to get feedback. However, I do not mind what the developer had to say. It's feedback none the less. - Nov 07 2004
The one issue I have with kopete's chat window is that the features are hidden in the menus. Plus, the toolbars are ugly and do not contain features that the user would user regularly. The color I was simply messing around with. The default is a slightly darker gray than PaletteBackground which makes for a good contrast. The idea of including a toolbox sidebar is to provide easy access to the features that the user would use regularly. Also, the current buddy icon support toolbar lacks both look and feel and easy of use (like changing the buddy icon without having to go to the configuration dialog)... but that's just MHO.. :) - Nov 06 2004
I agree with you; that is one of the reasons why I included a toolbox. I have it configured such that you can hide the toolbox sidebar. As for the colors, I was just messing around. The default color is a gray that is slightly darker than PaletteBround color which makes for a good contrast. - Nov 06 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 249 comments

by FJR
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Jul 13 2005
I installed the metabar plugin and all went well. The metabar plugin shows up in the plugins list - however, when I click on the icon, it freezes for a sec and then nothing. The metabar does not expand to fill the plugin area. Anyone have any ideas. I tried the attribute swap suggested in a post before but that did not work either. I am running Suse 9.2 with kde 3.4 b2. - Feb 24 2005
Plastik Element preview

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 27 comments

by gr3gg
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Nov 13 2004
Search the site for the KWin Decoration Example tutorial. That will help you with what you need. - Nov 06 2004
If I wanted to modify the kniffy windeco I would have asked Sandro (ceebx). However, I created this windeco from scratch using kpaint to visualize how I wanted the windeco to look. Secondly, if you took a look at the code you would see the differences between the two windecos. Lastly, I think it is quite rude of you to accuse me of stealing code. Qt is quite simple to understand and code in.. it's only C++. That's all I have to say on that.

bugger off you dumb sh&* !! - Oct 02 2004
Thanx, you guys are being a great help. I am fixing the problems that you guys have identified as well as adding the config options. I have already fixed the buttons. When they are added to the layout based on the position, they draw differently. Therefore, left most buttons are drawn like the minimize button and right most buttons are drawn like the close button. All other buttons are drawn like the maximize buttons. This behavior is based on the button position strings aka "MHIAX". :) - Aug 02 2004
Thanks for the feedback. That is something that I realized. I am not too sure why I get white pixels at the bottom sometimes but I am trying to fix that. Hopefully, the rewriting of the code that I am doing now will allow me to determine why that's happening. Cheers. - Aug 01 2004
KDE 3.3 KWin Whid Transparency

KDE Plasma Screenshots 2 comments

by gr3gg
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Sep 21 2004
You can get it in the KDE Improvement section. But the easiest way to get the program is to go to the search Content section and search for "ksidebar". If you do not find it then email me and I will give it to you.
Gregg - Oct 09 2004