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Ralph Gottesbuehren
Hi. I don't think that, because the cursor is drawn by X, not KDE. don't know what's up with bsd, i'm running linux.
perhaps you could delete all the files in ./cursors and then try to "make install" in ./sources again ...? sorry, that i can't help more :-( - Jun 16 2003
no, it's not difficult, just some work.
get the "white cursor without shadow" here on kde-look and let gimp draw drop-shadows on each included PNG. the parameters for version 0.2 were

blurradius: 4
color: black
opacity: 20

play with the opacity a bit, until it fits your taste. higher number means darker shadow.

if you have problems, drop me a mail directly. - Jun 02 2003
don't have windows xp running and i guess i never will. but i have changed the shadows a third (and last time) in version 0.3 - Jun 01 2003
jupp, i know this.

this package is meant as a base for creating your own cursor theme, that's why the plain white source-PNG are in there.
it's a good start for experimenting with colors, shades an shadows and whatever for yourself.

so be more creative than i was :-) - Jun 01 2003
try new version, btw. see the flat_white_cursor without shadows here on kde-look, too. it inherits the plain PNG's, so you can draw your own stuff.

i'm interested, how you like your shadows ;-) - May 30 2003