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G otaro
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Aug 23 2017
I installed Emerald and fusion-icon, and I got transparent window borders, but they still don't blur. In Emerald settings, I changed Compiz Decoration Blur Type to "All Decoration," and now it looks like this:

Sorry I'm such a newb! Thanks for all your help! - Feb 25 2010
This is what it looks like when I installed on a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit (after changing the wallpaper):

I guess it doesn't look exactly right :P. What else do I need to do? - Feb 25 2010
Wait.. I guess it isn't completely working :(. I did everything you said in compizconfig-settings-manager, but I can't get my window decorations to blur. They aren't even transparent right now. I have a Radeon HD4850 with the ATI drivers installed.

Am I supposed to install Emerald? - Feb 25 2010
This is THE BEST experience I have EVER had with a Linux theme. Usually, the instructions are complicated or incomplete, the files are outdated, extra programs or tweaking are required, etc. I have never had a theme just WORK, like this one did :). Great job! I think I love you :).

The only thing I don't like is the Win OS icons :\. I liked my original Ubuntu ones better. As long as this theme works, I will switch to Linux for good, so please keep this updated! - Feb 25 2010
LiteGlass Blur 2

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Feb 12 2009
No luck.. It didn't work. Do you think my video card doesn't have shader support? It's a Radeon X800 XL. This isn't just for your theme. I can't get any theme to work with the blur. - Feb 11 2009
I followed the steps, but the blur isn't working. I can "Focus Blur" correctly, but "Alpha Blur" just makes the window decorations a solid color. - Feb 09 2009

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by ireko
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Aug 09 2008
I LOVE this theme! This theme is THE reason I'm still using KDE. With translucency enabled, the panel is BEAUTIFUL. But.. as others have said, in 4.2, the backgrounds of windows are transparent (hover over Kicker, hover over clock).

Please, please, PLEASE, continue the Arezzo theme and make a KDE 4.x native window decoration! Help us, ireko, you're our only hope! - Feb 11 2009