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Omer Bahri Gordebak Ankara, Turkey
White Elephant

Graphic Apps by gordebak 5 comments

Thank you! - Nov 07 2012

Graphic Apps by geiseri 5 comments

If you don't mind, I used a stripped down version of Flo (I call it MiniFlo) in TextRoom. If you'd like to check out, it's here:

MiniFlo is in the Extended Version.

Thanks for this gem. - Jan 17 2011

Developers Apps by jlbrd 6 comments

I really like QDevelop a lot. Thanks for such a good software. I will only request a feature:

Could you make it easier to include headers and libraries out of Qt? It's painful to add LIBS and INCLUDE variables to project.

Maybe a file dialog would be okay for this variables, too. - Jun 02 2008
Kate Project Manager Plugin (KPMP)

Text Editors by fishdude 40 comments

Actually, I think this plugin is what was missing in Kate. It became essential in my work. I work with text files a lot, since I am a writer.

Maybe you can use the "cat" command to merge the files down. But I don't know if it is possible. I already use cat to join the files, but all I want is merging the files by the order in the project, not alphabetical (with the sorting feature implemented of course).

Keep up the good work. - Oct 13 2007
Kate Project Manager Plugin (KPMP)

Text Editors by fishdude 40 comments

Thank you for such a thing. It organized my works, and saved my life.

If you don't mind, I will request two features. If I could sort the files in a project, that'd be great. Something like "Move file up/down" context menu entry, I mean. And being able to export a project into a single text file. So Kate could have some kind of outline ability.

Thanks anyway. - Oct 12 2007

Vector Graphics
by DanaKil

Jan 17 2011
Tupi: 2D Magic

Graphic Apps
by xtingray

Jan 17 2011

Graphic Apps
by geiseri

Jan 17 2011