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Card by xes 15 comments

I really like your Poker Clock, but there are a few things which don't fit for me.

* We play most of the time with 60 chips, but the minimum value for the chip stack in your clock is 100. (I can add a zero at the end -> 600, but that isn't a good solution)

* We, as well as a casino near my home, start with small blind 1 and big blind 1 (the casino sb 50, bb 50) and the next level is 1,2 ( 50,100). But if i add this to the values table, it isn't correct.

And I have one question: How can I type in, that a player is out?

- Apr 03 2007
Library for Superkaramba under BSD

Karamba & Superkaramba by goood 2 comments

I didn't know that. I'll take a look at it. - Feb 19 2007