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Vasileios Lourdas Thessaloniki, Greece
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
I did that. Since in Gentoo, version 1.1.1 was not available, I compiled v.1.1.1 by hand. Now it seems to work fine.

My point in my previous comment was that Accuweather no more offers the user the ability to see the city code, which is what that's expected from CWP. I had to search through Google cached pages to find my city's code. That's a shame for Accuweather. - Aug 03 2010
Accuweather does not show the city identifier anymore, in the form that CWP expects it. I'm using 1.1.0, is this fixed in 1.1.1 maybe? - Aug 01 2010
Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that! :-) Yes, it's there, v.0.9.17. - Feb 11 2010
No, plasma-cwp is not in the kde-testing overlay, it's in arcon, I have both overlays and cwp appears only in arcon.

I will try your suggestions, thanks. - Feb 11 2010

I'm emerging KDE 4.4.0 on my Gentoo box right now and the latest 0.9.16 (portage) version that I had installed is not compatible with the new KDE 4.4.0, so I had to unmerge it. Is there going to be an updated version soon that is 4.4.0 compatible?

Thanks! - Feb 10 2010
Oxygen Icon Theme for KDE3

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Apr 20 2008
Thanks, that worked! :) - Aug 28 2008
Hi Dapper,

Which icon(s) from crystal-svg should I replace in order to have a consistent interface? Could you be more specific please?

Thanks. - Aug 19 2008
Very nice and elegant theme. I installed it in my KDE 3.5.9 environment and all looks great except the open folder icon. Here's a screenshot from Konqueror:

Is this icon missing...? - Aug 11 2008
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Jan 27 2011
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Aug 01 2010