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Pavel Vakeš Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
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May 06 2010

i will add checkbox for "skip cert check", because there are too much problems with several servers.

Update soon. - Oct 18 2010

you can try replace SVG in source code for now.

I add this feature in future, but now there are important things. - Oct 18 2010
If you install from source, then you can use "make "uninstall" for remove all of files.

Main configuration for all of plasmoids is saved in ".kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc". - May 18 2010
This is not probably problem with GMail. This is problem with saving of certificates. This error is with Lavabit mail too.

What is interesting - I haven't this problem with GMail over SSL :-/. - May 18 2010

I was afraid of this. I haved to return method of saving certificates in version 0.4.3 back to PEM.

I will fix this problem soon, but I have to found different method of saving certificates. Maybe in KWallet... - May 18 2010

I don't have gcc 4.5 at home, but on PC in my job I see the problem.

Fix added to new release.

Thanks again (for PKGBUILD too ;-)). - May 06 2010
Hi, I hope Google fix this behaviour soon (I use gmail too ;-)), but this problem will the first thing I fix in the next release (to save more certifiacates). I know nothing about SMTP problem what you mentioned.

Thanks ;-). - May 02 2010
Hi, I know about this problem. In fact it's not problem in the plasmoid, but on google mail servers.

Google server send randomly two different certificates. I don't know why. Same problem has appeared last year too (i think in april too). After a few days server send only one certificate again.

I save only one certificate. The solution will to save all of certificates, but from my point of view it's not clean resolution. - May 01 2010
Hi, I'm still here ;-), but no more promises for this plasmoid.

I really want continue in work on this plasmoid, but i don't know when. Maybe tomorow, maybe during the holidays. I really don't know. - Apr 23 2010
Hmm, i did understand this behaviour like normal ;-).

I see /var/spool/... like "stack" of messages and client download messages to himself. Similar like POP works.

I tested this with Thunderbird and he move all messages from /var/spool/... to home/.thnuderbird/... directory immediately after checking/receiving messages.

A tested this with Mutt too and if a readed a few messages then before quit he gives me question "Move readed messages to Home?".

I'm no expert too ;-). I will find more about this. But POP-like behaviour seems be logical for me ;-).

PS: Next post please send to my mail. This discussion is little off-topic on this page, but i want find result ;-). Thanks... - Feb 26 2010
Only unread messages? In my opinion all of messages here is unread.

Thunderbird/Mutt/... after receiving mails move messagages from /var/spool/.... to home directory.

Right? - Feb 26 2010

it's only about checking changes a counting messages in /var/mail/<whoever>, right?

Ok. I'm planning to add IMAP IDLE feature to next release. I will add this feature too. - Feb 25 2010
Hi, i know :-/. Sorry for my promises to all.

This plasmoid is really on my plan soon.

I really hope i will release at least one new version in this month.

Be patient please... - Feb 17 2010
Hi, good work, however i'm working on same thing now.

I will release new versions this month and i want to add a lot of requests from users. - Dec 20 2009

you can type e.g. "firefox" into text field "Program".

- Nov 30 2009
There is button "check now" for refresh immediately, but your idea is very good. Thanks.

Check for certain IMAP folders is in my plan.

I promise i will work on the plasmoid next month. - Nov 25 2009

my priority is now focused on another project.

I have not enough time for all of my stuff at one time.

My another project is near to finish. Next plan is spend some time on this plasmoid.
- Sep 18 2009
Thanks for info, I will check this problem soon. - Sep 08 2009
To dsherk and DuckZ2:

Please test new version (0.4.2). I fixed problem with certificates, I hope.

Tested on Lavabit and mail servers.

Probably is the bug in QT SSL class. I changed method of saving.

Thanks - Jul 28 2009

where is problem with TLS? I looked to source and documentation. SSLv3 and TLSv1 protocols are supported. - Jul 28 2009
It's not, but i have not time for work on the plasmoid yet :-/. - Jul 24 2009
Support of self-signed certificates is here. - Jul 24 2009
Hi, it's interesting.

Plasmoid delete their configuration and immediately check new mails every time if you click on OK button in configuration dialog. But i don't think, problem is here.

Plasmoid search unreaded emails in INBOX folder (on IMAP Accounts).

I don't know what's happened, really... :-/. - Jun 21 2009
Hi, there is simple answer.

What Plasmoid do:

First encrypted connection:
- accept certificate
- save certificate
- check messages

Second encrypted connection:
- load certificate (in your case probably badly) - you get error
- if success then compare certificate
- if equal then check messages else show new certificate and save, etc.
- Apr 27 2009

it's interesting. I tested ssl with three different accounts and it worked.

Plasmoid seems to load badly certificate from config file.

What's your mail account?
What do you have distribution?
Do you have 32bit or 64bit OS?
What do you have version of openssl lib?

Maybe it'll be problem here.
- Apr 26 2009
Did you try YPOPs! or FreePOPs apps? It's good solution for this. - Apr 01 2009
Does Yahoo! provide access via IMAP4 or POP3? Or only via webmail?

I will check this in future. - Mar 30 2009
Hi, maybe in future...

This is my first plasmoid and my first c++ application. I studied DataEngines and its good idea, but it's not time for this.

I wanted only plasmoid for checking e-mails that really works ;-). - Mar 26 2009
And what do you mean with "Yahoo! Webmail support"? - Mar 24 2009

i used KDE3 for long time, but I never heard about Korn :-).

Currently I'm working on SSL certificates (release 0.4). Popup notify will done probably in release 0.5.
- Mar 24 2009
Not yet ;-). - Mar 20 2009

i know this way, but.... ;-)

I would like to save certificates after confirming message dialog. I will do this soon.

But thanks anyway. - Mar 19 2009

i tested SSL only with GMail account and it works.

I will check this. - Feb 27 2009
This feature is planned for next release. - Feb 23 2009

icon was designed for use on desktop or in toolbar next to other icons or device notify plasmoid.

Maybe i could to add setting for half icons size.

Notifications i have in TODO list ;-).

Thanks for suggestions. - Feb 19 2009
Added to minor TODO list ;-). - Feb 19 2009

Yes, i'm planning to add this feature. - Feb 19 2009