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Conky 930 comments

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Oct 17 2013
If using 3G modem, NETWORK is missing details, needed to add

${endif}${else}${if_existing /proc/net/route ppp0}
${voffset -6}${font PizzaDude Bullets:size=14}O${font} Up: ${upspeed ppp0} kb/s ${alignr}${upspeedgraph ppp0 8,60 3465A4 729FCF}
${voffset 4}${font PizzaDude Bullets:size=14}U${font} Down: ${downspeed eth1} kb/s ${alignr}${downspeedgraph ppp0 8,60 3465A4 729FCF}
${voffset 4}${font PizzaDude Bullets:size=14}N${font} Upload: ${alignr}${totalup ppp0}
${voffset 4}${font PizzaDude Bullets:size=14}T${font} Download: ${alignr}${totaldown ppp0}
${voffset 4}${font PizzaDude Bullets:size=14}a${font} Local Ip: ${alignr}${addr ppp0}

public ip is reduntant while using 3G modem. - May 11 2009

GTK2 Themes 131 comments

by sen7
Score 53.3%
Nov 11 2008
Also another one, just a little visual glitch, which could not be related to theme at all.

while using "gnome-terminal" tabbed interface you'll have thin white line in the borders.

- May 09 2009
Also few apps started on CLI receives this kind of an flood
- May 09 2009
while using nautilus with list view
Expander before the folder name doesn't show, or is it supposed to show?

Showing some kind of an arrow would be nice though.

and for the roses,
After searching for years the perfect dark theme, thanks to you, I've finally found it :)

the background image is amazing.

- May 09 2009

Full Icon Themes 508 comments

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Dec 25 2008
But yes I am :)

Ok, it's no biggie, just wanted to let you know, Obviously you were aware of it already...

btw. transmission icon in notification-area is too small when
panel-size=24 (looks like pz=16x16)

As work in progress, excellent!
Me like it a lot. - Oct 19 2008
Just tried changing folder color.
This doesn't affect

( restarted theme;) )

Anyway, nice job! - Oct 19 2008

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

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May 14 2008
Nice theme,
Bug report:
On Ubuntu Intrepid, when applying this theme;

This theme will notlook as intented because the required GTK+ theme engine 'default' is not installed.

Also modified the scrollbars to use size 12 and added gtk-icon-size to maximum 16
to more compact look, which i like.

Äijä rulaa! I believe u understood that one :) - Jul 26 2008

GTK2 Themes 224 comments

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Apr 08 2008
Added screenshot, sorry for the language, it's finnish ;)

Also problem with few Combobox entrys,
Balck text on black background...

But, Looking good m8 :D - Apr 03 2008
Panel background:
Full transparency set by panel-properties

Panel: Window list,panel size 48 or 50
multiple windows open, windows appear only in one row. Gotta have them in 2 ;)

If questions, contact via email. - Apr 03 2008
Disney Donald Duck Login

GDM Themes 1 comment

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Feb 16 2008
Very funny gdm-theme,
but I don't think u can release it GPL
'cause Donald is probably Disney's trademark... - Feb 16 2008
Humanoid - OSX - Dark

Metacity Themes 21 comments

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Jun 27 2008
best metacity theme, thanks.
maybe another version with window icon, instead of menu, cause hardly ever i use one :( - Jan 13 2008
Very nice indeed, i'll give you 13 thumbs up :) - Jan 05 2008
Moomex Ultimatum

Gnome Screenshots 72 comments

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Jan 13 2009
That's why I wrote "don't know"
these themes things are just hebrew to me:D

But anyway, I like it a lot!
Your theme I meant. - Dec 29 2007
dont know???
i'm using aurora engine and theme, ubuntu 7.10 and compiz fusion, see the opacity... - Dec 29 2007
I've used moomex themes for metacity purposes, window edges. they're nice.
but havent used for a whole theme, that job left to aurora :) - Dec 29 2007
Very nice :)
Could it be possible to add more opacity to active windows borders (metacity)
and some highlight to close.minimize buttons??? - Dec 29 2007
Nameless Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 30 comments

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Jul 31 2010
whops:) forgot to post a suggestion to name;
melancholy - May 24 2007
Nice icons :)
maybe add some itsy bitsy bits of colour to them... ? - May 24 2007

GTK2 Themes 53 comments

by wulax
Score 67.1%
May 28 2007
WOW... :)
I forgot, i'll ship out to foreign legion for few years =)
thanks mate, awesome theme.
- May 22 2007
Great theme allaround:)
I just would like to change one thing;
(e.g) when you open nautilus, and view folders and files in a list view,
it's really annoing(hopefully only to me= :) when every other file and folder's background is grey..

if you can tell me how to change that, i would do your dishes for whole summer ;)
- May 22 2007