Strange, i can't see gradients in your screenshot, and no oxygen icons, are you sure you are using gtk-oxygen ? - Oct 12 2010

Maybe this bug report can't interest you ;) - Jun 14 2010
i'm sure there is a gtk engine doing this...

But i may be wrong :-/ Will search ;) - Jun 04 2010
Hello :)

Is there any way to replace "Drag with menubar" with a "Draw with anything" option ?

Here an exemple on kopete window:

Red zone is dragable zone... - Jun 03 2010

If you look at this screenshot (dolphin), with "Scrollbar on the outside" option, scrollbar isn't centered (right justified here). - May 09 2010
Ok, it doesn't work for all widgets (button, combo, ...) - Apr 14 2010
case PE_FrameFocusRect:
if (state&State_Selected)

This code added to FrameFocusRect case seems to do what i want.

What do you think about ? - Apr 14 2010
Another thing that should be cool for focus rectangle...

With current code, it is drawn even if widget already have hilight color (in list for exemple).

I think focus rectangle should only be drawn if widget have keyboard focus and isn't hilighted. - Apr 13 2010

And thanks for drag window with menu bar, it's perfect for my O2 qtcurve theme ;) - Apr 13 2010
"Dotted rectancle" for Focus rectangle is broken, it draw plain black lines... - Apr 12 2010
gtk pixbuf with icon transparency

GTK2 Themes by gnumdk 2 comments

it's for gtk...

I use it with kde but it's a gtk style. - Mar 27 2010
i've update this patch, vote for bug report ! ;) - Mar 26 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by bk12 155 comments

Colibri doesn't fit with kde 4.4 desktop.

In kde 4.4, plasma popup have a small white shadow overs black fonts to make it readable with transparancy...

This feature is missing in colibri. - Feb 21 2010
It's not my problem.

This feature is needed because in this particular case, it's hard to guess where menu bar start and where kwin bar start.

So, 1/2 time, you click in menu bar and can't move window. - Feb 11 2010
Another feature request...

There is more and more qtcurve theme with uniform kwin bar and qtcurve menubar.

It should be cool to be able to move windows by clicking in menubar. - Feb 05 2010
reHello ;)

I'm using Ctrl Alt M option to hide menu bar... Pretty cool feature but not that easy to use.

Here how i think it should be implemented:
- When option is activated, menubar is hidden.
- in kcm modules, you can choose a shortcut to unhide menubar (Win, Ctrl, Alt, ALt + M, ...).
- When user type shortcut, menubar is unhidden and is shown with a 10 seconds delay (more if user is actually hover menubar). - Jan 30 2010
Hello, i'm missing one feature, gtk support for xbar...

I know it can works with globalmenu gtk module and globalmenu svn kde modules...

But, it's buggy and should be easier to use if in qtcurve-gtk - Jan 30 2010
opensuse integration doesn't use KIO but firefox download manager... - Dec 16 2009
New toolbar button is misplaced with qtcurve: - Nov 19 2009
Gmail Notifier

Plasma 4 Extensions by GCN 14 comments

Should be cool to be able to launch firefox/konqueror by clicking icon. - Nov 02 2009

Graphic Apps by kanzelsberger 3 comments

Non Kde app, so it sux...

Post your crap elsewhere - Oct 30 2009
You should add vlc and smplayer to list ;) - Oct 17 2009

Now it works! - Oct 16 2009
STATE:1C keyval:6D
STATE:1C keyval:FFE9
STATE:14 keyval:FFE3 - Oct 16 2009
No my problem...

I check with ario and avidemux and it's not working with Ctrl Alt m...

I'm using Qtcurve, Kde, ario, avidemux ArchLinux packages... - Oct 15 2009
It works by creating menubar-apps file in qtcurve folder...

But using Ctrl Alt M do nothing here :( - Oct 15 2009
Thanks for adding "hide menu" option ;)

But, don't works for gtk, any idea? - Oct 15 2009
Dolphin [idea]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by VectoR 6 comments

Cool because pretty...

Bad because horrible IHM design... All kde apps should be like this and i'm not sure it's ok for any other app - Oct 13 2009
Here my conf:

Here the bug: - Oct 03 2009
There is a bug with 0.68.1 and line edit widgets:
The left part isn't correctly drawn. - Sep 29 2009
Look at this:

Should be cool to have this feature in qtcurve for Qt and Gtk apps ;) - Sep 02 2009
Same for french, Next is translated :( - Aug 27 2009
Ok, i know the problem.

When you disable border for menus... It works for Qt but not Gtk...

So, Gtk paint menu item over borders. - Aug 24 2009
It's the same with all my gtk apps...

Debian Sid/Kde 4.3, Qt 4.5.2, gtk 2.16.5 - Aug 24 2009
When settings menu item to use Fading effect (oxygen like), the item isn't correctly drawn... - Aug 22 2009
Oxygen System Monitor (modified)

Karamba & Superkaramba by kot-begemot 10 comments

Please put this in Karamba section - Aug 21 2009

For jaunty and karmic - Jul 02 2009
>The focus line is drawn when an item
>has keyobard focus - so is required.
Yes, but it's really ugly in dolphin icon view as focus just draw over text instead icons.

>When is the focus drawn without
>keyboard navigation? (Note: focus is
>only drawn when Qt4 sets the focus flag)
It's good for Qt but gtk always draw focus instead of active it on keyboard navigation. - Mar 16 2009
Is should be cool to remove focus drawing for QListView because:
- It's really ugly in dolphin for exemple
- It's not needed (i think)
- It doesn't match gtk...

qtcurve.cpp: line 3083
if (!(focusFrame->state&State_KeyboardFocusChange) ||
(widget && widget->inherits("QListView")))

It should be also cool to be able to choose focus color (instead of always using highlight/background color).

And the last, it should be cool to make gtk behave like qt: not drawing focus without keyboard navigation. - Mar 16 2009

artefacts in list, with qt 4.5... - Mar 13 2009

Commenting this in 0.61.4 (qtcurve.cpp) fix this bug:

#if QT_VERSION >= 0x040500
if (tabV2.leftButtonSize.isNull())
offset += 2;
left += tabV2.leftButtonSize.width() + (6 + 2) + 2;
*/ - Mar 10 2009
With last jaunty update (qt 4.5 released), i have this bug with tabs: - Mar 04 2009
Since 0.61, kcm ui seems broken :(

Settings aren't saved :( - Feb 20 2009
Should be cool to have centerd tab... - Jun 22 2007

Utilities by giorgiotani 182 comments

No, you sux!

It's really boring me...
Why some people SPAM with gtk apps!

If nobody wants to use your soft, it's not a reason to pollute Internet with advertising:! - Feb 09 2007
Useless space in konqeror side bar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by anupamsr 6 comments

Post a bug report at - Apr 26 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

Launche amarok
Set your background to black

hide amarok in systray
unhide it

Windec buttons are painted first and then windec bar is painted. - Apr 20 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

Thanx for your theme but the window decoration painting is really slow when hidding/showing windows... (kopete, konversation, amaroK) - Apr 19 2006
Kopete DeskList Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by conrausch 118 comments

I have issue with skopete!

Karamba is slow so skopete is slow.

This plugin is pure C++ code, it rulez! - Apr 12 2006
SVG Gnome Logo

Cliparts by blotko 4 comments

Clipart section is the same on kdelook and gnomelook ;) - Mar 16 2006