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Nicolas Sanh , France

GTK2 Themes by jokx 5 comments

hi ! i really enjoy your murrina, but when i'm using it, i have many white fonts on white background ! how can i handle it ? - Mar 09 2007
Murrina Relax

GTK2 Themes by uel 68 comments

nice one
which file manager is it ? - Mar 08 2007
Simple Berly desktop - 200701

Gnome Screenshots by mcbuddha 1 comment

I really enjoy your idea of the jewel case for the exaile desktop cover plugin. Is this a picture of a case sticked to your wallpaper or did you do something else ? I want it on my desktop too ! :D - Mar 02 2007
Mac OS X theme on Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by elviswjr 5 comments

how did you change the top left icon near the menu bar (application system ...) ? I want to put an apple too ! Which icon did you replace ? - Mar 02 2007
After a break

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 5 comments

which menu / application list are you using ? looks great ! - Mar 01 2007
gnome spueltisch

Gnome Screenshots by saigo 3 comments

hi ! where did you find your gnome-volume-applet icon in the system tray ? what is the path of the current icons ? thanks ! - Jan 09 2007
MacOSX Aqua

Gnome Screenshots by Zebo 7 comments

I've already found some :
- nm-applet : /usr/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps/
- gaim : /usr/share/gaim/

The music player Quod Libet fits well with a MacOSX theme.

As far as Engage is concerned, is this smooth? Are you using it with beryl ? - Jan 07 2007
MacOSX Aqua

Gnome Screenshots by Zebo 7 comments

Hi !
Nice screenshot :)
Actually working on such a gnome-look, I'll give you my ideas to make your better :
- Use another Apple icon for the main menu.
- Maybe change the police style
- Change the tray icons (if you find a good network-manager tray icon, tell me !)

Anyway, which dock are you using ?

Gnico - Jan 07 2007
Beauty of Gnome

Gnome Screenshots by Xiretal 13 comments

Hi! Very nice screenshot, one of my favourite here. Gratz for your work. Where did you find your tray icons ? Especially the wifi one and the gnome-volume-applet one. Thanks! - Jan 06 2007