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Gavin Huang

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Sep 05 2017
Could you please make an icon for xCHM? That would be great. Thanks。 - Jan 26 2011
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Aug 03 2017
Guess I'm out of luck. Can't find any window match rule relates to monitor or screen axis in compiz's wiki page. - Jan 17 2011
When "Hide Compiz decorations for maximized windows" is selected, is it possible for Window Buttons to not hide Compiz decorations for maximized windows that are in the secondary monitor? Currently, when this option is checked, I have to close such windows in my main monitor which is kinda counter-intuitive, and the maximize/unmaximize button doesn't always work (though it works fine for windows in the main monitor).
Anyway, thanks for sharing such a great application. I love it a lot. - Jan 17 2011

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

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9   Jan 26 2011
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by holodeck

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9   Jan 17 2011