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Gustavo Gustavo Michels

Utilities by dmiceman 26 comments

There's a small bug on kfuseiso. If the path to the ISO file contains special characters such as ç, é, á, etc, I don't get the context menu entry if I right-click the ISO file. Mounting the same ISO file using the "Mount ISO image" entry on system:/isomedia is fine, though.

Apart from that, kfuseiso is great. To be the greatest ever, you just need to find a way to put the mounted image on system:/media :P - Mar 14 2007
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts by gauret 143 comments

I started using your script at version 1.6 and it was working wonders. The only feature I was missing was copying the large cover instead of the 150x150 one. Now I've seen that feature has been added to v1.7, thanks a lot!

I upgraded and it's working nicely, however now the filenames of the copied covers (I use the album name) don't have spaces when the album has several words, it just gets concatenated. Like this:

Album: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

The cover filename: HowToDismantleAnAtomicBomb.png

With v1.6, the cover filename had spaces as the album name.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Cheers! - Oct 24 2006
Raindrops (Moodin Theme)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Gestahl 16 comments

Very nice theme, congrats! But currenty it's only for 4:3 screens. How about a widescreen version? My lcd is at 1680x1050.

Thanks! - Sep 28 2006

Network by tmichel 188 comments

Great app!

I have a feature request, though: I'd like to set specific dhcpcd options, any ideas on how to accomplish this? What I need most is set the route metric, so when I have both wired and wireless interfaces up on the same subnet, the traffic goes thru the wired one.

Thanks! - Sep 11 2006
Quanta+ icon

Icon Sub-Sets by luci 10 comments

Really dumb question: how do I use this icons?

In Appearance & Themes > Icons, I click Install New Theme but is looks for an index.theme file, which isn't available in the tarball. So how do I use this icons?

Using kde 3.2 beta 2 btw.

thnx - Dec 17 2003