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GTK2 Themes 29 comments

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Mar 03 2009
It is not that I don't like the orange text. As an Ubuntu theme this is quite nice.
Anyway, I like light silvery themes (still with black panel), and right now this is not possible.
I already tried to change this, but accidentally my text is now white instead of dark gray as I wanted it. I guess I will need to have a closer look on how you mix colors here. - Feb 25 2009
It is, yes. It is nice to hear, that at least some of those bugs in firefox get fixed.

Now your latest release made my mod almost useless, apart from the flat menus they are quite similar.

I guess, I will make a version without orange text, unless you have no plans for this yourself. This theme works really well with different background colours.

Keep up the good work, It is one of the best, not only good looking, but good to work with for a longer time, too. - Feb 24 2009
Forget what I wrote about the metacity. After writing that comment, I realized, I was actually using Human-Reprise, which is a little bit higher. - Feb 20 2009
I like the metacity the way it is. It looks original for me.

For a new theme, it is really good, it looks very consistent. The only issue I found was in firefox's adressbar.

Anyway, I would like to propose something. I could imagine this theme very well with black panels (like Aurora Elegant) and lighter menus. - Feb 20 2009

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Feb 21 2009
I'm not sure about this. Maybe, if it would be a little bit darker... I will see, what I can do, but I don't have any time right now.. - Feb 21 2009
You need a developement version of Murrine. Sorry, I forgot to mention this. I updated the description of the theme. - Feb 21 2009
Sarusaslu jaunty jackalope

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Mar 27 2009
You should fix your download links, none is working right now.

The Wallpaper seems to be nice, I really would like to get a closer look on it. - Feb 15 2009
Aurora Elegant

GTK2 Themes 34 comments

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Jul 16 2008
1) Actually I can just provide workarounds. I will try to improve those, but I can't solve the problem in general. There are already bug reports for FF and OOo, but obviously developers don't think, this is very important.

2) Honestly, I don't know. I put a lot of work in this, and it was one of the main reasons, why I made this theme. You may try to remove everything related to scrollbars in gtkrc and replace it with code from Elegant Aurora.

3) I don't understand what you are talking about. Main menu or from applications? It is too big or too small? I would like to make padding in applications bigger, but I don't know how to do that yet...

4) Because I don't like it. You may activate it, if you edit gtkrc. Set line 115 to true, and you should have it. - Jul 28 2008
You need to unpack the theme, and modify the images in /gtk-2.0/Menu-Menubar.
Then pack it as tar.gz and you may install it again. - Jul 28 2008
I know. This is what 3rd point of known bugs is about...
Right now, I don't know which part of the metacity theme is responsible for it, but I will try to find a solution. Just be patient, I don't have a lot of time... - Jul 26 2008
Should be ok now. Tell me if you still have problems. - Jul 16 2008
Correct. So as those addresses are already used to send spam, I think it is not too bad if they get some back ;-) - Jul 15 2008
Actually, those icons don't exist. I obviously copied a little bit too much of some other theme.
I removed those parts now. Right now, upload doesn't work, I will try again later. - Jul 15 2008
Were do you get those errors?
I don't understand what you mean with your last sentence.
Does the theme not load, or does it break anything? - Jul 15 2008
For some reason gnome-look didn't accept my upload, so you still have first version. You may try again now. - Jul 15 2008
I will have a look at the panel and menubar, when I have time.

About Metacity I probably don't know anything more than you, but it is doesn't look like this is a theme setting. As I can't fond it in Comipz settings Manager, it is probably done by metacity itself. - Jul 15 2008
Unfortunately I don't know. They look like this by default on ubuntu, I think. So maybe they are part of ubuntus Human icon theme, but I am not sure about this. - Jul 14 2008
by Gerva
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Mar 22 2008
I think not everybody has this file. It is the quick starter for OOo. You may use as well/usr/bin/oowriter.
But anyway, thanks for posting this here. - Jul 15 2008

Nature 2 comments

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Sep 20 2006
well, this was supposed to be a wallpaper, so i made it in 4:3. feel free to change it, it is under gpl. Unfortunately, I can't provide any higher resolution, as I took this photo in 1600x1200. - Sep 22 2006
Ubuntu Linux Desert

Wallpapers Ubuntu 8 comments

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Mar 20 2006
may you publish this in highter resolutions? and maybe only the picture, too? - Mar 19 2006

XMMS Skins 5 comments

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Dec 02 2005
colours are done.
I don't think you are right about the rounded corners. the titlebar is much smaller than it is in clearlooks, so of course the corners need to be appropriate. - Dec 02 2005
bmp is not a dialog, so I don't understand why you want to have square edges.
the colours i used are from clearlooks in ubuntu, obvioulsy these are different from standard, so I need to change them (you were talking about the menubar colours, right?) - Nov 30 2005
Blended Human

XMMS Skins 16 comments

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Nov 06 2005
I guess one of the new colour variants will fit your needs. - Oct 28 2005
different borders, different colours...
they are both clearlooks design-copys anyway, ok. there were some things about clearsky I didn't like, so i created this skin. - Oct 07 2005
I am working on modifications to match the standard clearlooks and human colours. It is a lot of work to change all the colours, so I think i will be busy with this in the next time - sorry. - Oct 07 2005
ok, the border is done and will be published soon. what I need to find out first is, how to get round shaped corners working, as I changed this, too. so if anybody knows, please tell me. - Oct 02 2005
I already thougt about adding one, but as you can see on the second screenshot, there is some kind of border if you use shadows on the windows. For all those people who don't want to use this experimental stuff I will add a border in the next release. - Oct 02 2005
I guess, most people are using their distributions default theme, but not the gnome one. - Oct 02 2005
NuoveXT 1.5 evolution stock icons

Icon Sub-Sets 14 comments

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Oct 06 2005
I guess it is clearlooks milk from clearlooks bigpack, but I'm not sure - Oct 05 2005
those icons are really beautifull!
Is there anything I can do to get the icons in the new mail window replaced? I know you already made those icons, as they are standard in gtk, but they are not replaced in evolution :( - Oct 04 2005
Sigel OS XMMS themes.

XMMS Skins 8 comments

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May 20 2005
how did you do them? I try to get them on my own skin, but I don't know how :( - Oct 02 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 192 comments

by saki
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Dec 28 2008
these icons are really great. could you add some for evolution? - Sep 04 2005

GTK2 Themes
by dashua

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Feb 20 2009