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Markus Unterguggenberger Maria Luggau, Austria

Full Icon Themes by bigheadkde 46 comments

first i have to say, i love your icon-set for a while!! great work.

i've tried it to install for kde4.3 on opensuse 11.1. in general it works well, because kde4 looks also in the old kde3-folders for icons ( i couldn't even find the kde4-folders).
but some icons could not be found, maybe because kde4 expect different names: e.g. all the icons for shutdown, standby etc use the same icon (can be found as systemtray.png and computer.png). so i don't know exactly which names are necessary for those icons. So I just could rename the icons i need for this purpose.

as i have read in the buildset-file i use version 1.1

thanks for any help in advance.

glenturret - Aug 20 2009