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Joe Ns
Ice icons - blue version

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Mar 22 2007
Amazing Work. - Mar 27 2008
reflective faded icons

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by yorsh
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Nov 29 2007
I like both sets of icons. The reflection works really well.
I can see what Fri means about the straight line, but it would be a shame to ruin the reflections. Maybe, you could fade a small amount at the edge so that the line is not visible.
On the other hand, most icons are organised in straight lines on the screen (like in your screenshot). You could argue that it still looks good because it is the same for all of them.
However, I would fade them. I would use a gradual transparency near the edge. In a vector drawing program like Inkscape, Xara, or CorelDraw you could use a gradual transparency tool. Google "Nicubunu", he has tutorials for Inkscape. In a bitmap photo editor, you could use an eraser brush that is slightly transparent, i.e. set to less than 100% opacity. - Mar 27 2008
USB Stick Icon

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by jatop
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Feb 23 2008
Good icon. It is not as fashionable as some, but I think it is very well done - particularly the metal connector. - Mar 27 2008