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Double Trouble

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Interesting that you would choose this point to contest creationism, you argue that matter and energy are manifestations of the same thing and therefore must be eternal. It follows then that since both may be modified to create the other (as evidenced by e=mc^2 wherein mass is converted to energy or solving for mass m=e/c^2) they are fundamentally the same. I believe Einsteins quote above agrees with this.

I agree with this, but where did the huge leap to saying matter is eternal come from? It follows from your own argument that matter may be converted to energy, and therefore it no longer exists as matter. I would say that since it's no longer matter, then the matter doesn't exist any longer (at that point in time, though it may be converted back from energy at some future point.) Since it is possible to have matter and energy nonexistant for some period of time(while they are converted to their other form) in the continuum, it also follows that neither can be eternal since in order to be eternal something must exist at all points in the time continuum (in this case eternal does not mean "can exist forever" it means "exists forever", extending both directions in time). I guess that means you proved Tims point about matter having to originate somewhere then(matter originating in its' conversion from energy)?

Strangely it would seem that matter originates in energy and energy originates in matter ( I believe this holds up well in modern physics, as specified by Einsteins statement that matter and energy are merely different representations of the same thing ). Since we know that matter can be created from large amounts of energy, it follows then that all matter could have originated from energy (Possibly similar to the "Big Bang" theory.)

I happen to believe in an all powerful God, one posessed of limitless energy. With that belief, physics does not seem to disagree with the possibility that a God with limitless energy could have created all matter in the universe. Don't be so quick to assume that science precludes a belief in a force beyond our understanding. Great scientists such as Maxwell and Boyle were also Christians. And some of today's greatest physicists (including Stephen Hawking) are proponents of the Antropic theory for explaining the exact levels of dark energy and dark matter in the universe.

Finally one more quote from Einstein before I go, "Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind"

Doug - Nov 20 2003