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Various Games by PikoPiko 26 comments

AWESOME! Works in opensuse 10.3 64-bit! Didn't need to have a full implementation of KDE4. I did add libkde4-devel through yast (came with it's own slew of deps) and I think cmake as well, and it runs great.

There is one small issue. Files with a . in the name are not shown in the roms list (probably sees what's past the dot as the extension) Good example is "Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].zip" This is the name given to the rom by GoodNES (ROM checker program windows based) In fact, this is an issue for all of the Super Mario Bros. games (1,2, and 3 at least) Rename it and it's fine. But would like to keep the original name with the .

THANKS! - Dec 07 2007