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by tarma
Score 88.6%
Sep 04 2019
Great icon, wish the texts on the extensions icons were larger though (For example, the texts "tar" in tar files), because they can be really hard to identify. - Jul 12 2019

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by Barud
Score 78.1%
Aug 09 2019
Please visit below link for reference:

Unfortunately, I don't have a GNOME installation, I'm running Budgie DE on Solus, my only Linux distro right now. - Jul 08 2019
I really like this icon set, but I can't get it to work under Budgie. Whenever I place the icons in /usr/share/icons and then select the icon set in settings, the entire task bar is messed up (things such as Bluetooth, WiFi and volume as gone). Individual icons within folders however look fine. Any plans to support Budgie DE in the future? - Jul 07 2019