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Gian Luca Bellini Parma, Italy
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Various KDE Stuff 5 comments

by SSJ
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May 26 2008
hi there
is there going to be a kde 4.2 version any time soon? that would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!!!!
thank you for your reply and keep up the outstanding work!

gian luca - Sep 06 2008
Kubuntu 6.10 Cover FEEDBACK PLZ

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Jul 06 2007
thank you for your feedback! I've changed the design a bit for the Feisty Fawn version which can be found here:

as the 6.10 release is already outdated I'm gonna focus my time more on the 7.04 cover and maybe already on a 7.10 one ;-) i'd be more than glad to receive more constructive feedback for that one! Thank you in advance! - Jul 07 2007
Kubuntu DVD/CD Cover

CD/DVD Labels 11 comments

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Jul 15 2007
thanks and well thank you for the great work you put into the background without which this cover would be nothing :-) - Jul 07 2007
yeah i thought of that problem being that it's about 7 MB because it's a pdd file - made in Photoshop 7.0 (using Wine) but kde-look only allows for 750 KB or so ... even had to reduce the quality on the final output :-(
oh and thanks for the compliment! :-D - Jul 07 2007
seen it, corrected it. sorry & thanks! - Jul 06 2007
seen it, corrected it. sorry & thanks! - Jul 06 2007
yeah big error sorry my bad... thing is that i kept it in the same folder as the old (edgy) version so instead of the new one i uploaded the old one :S thanks for the fast responses!!!! - Jul 05 2007
New York WTC Site @ night

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Jan 27 2007
thanks! :-) - Jul 06 2007
Ubuntu MX for Blogs

Cliparts 2 comments

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Jul 04 2007
also great for italian ubuntu users! thanks! gracias guey :-) - Jul 04 2007

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

by ulbe
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Jun 01 2007
i'm not "evil" i just got pissed that someone would actually publish something like this. please delete it. - Jun 01 2007
this is probably besides the vista clone one of the worst contributions ever... what the f*** dude??? don't waste bandwidth and storage like this ... - Jun 01 2007

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Apr 14 2007
c vraiment un chef d'oeuvre .... felicitations! et merci bien!

english: truly a masterpiece... congratulations! and thanks! - May 20 2007
Kubuntu glass

Wallpapers Kubuntu 3 comments

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May 01 2007
grazie mille :-)

eg: thanks - May 04 2007
dude that's just awesome! please post the file :-) thanks ! and yeah a texture or so would be even better ... hey how about modifying it to like a boot pic or something? well anyway i love it! - May 01 2007
Vista Inspired Wallpaper

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Apr 10 2007
so you've figured out how to put one layer on top of another one ... then be happy and don''t publish it, really! this is no good i mean even if i were a windows freak i'd say it's no good. and what's the woman doing there?
if you want to contribute- great! but think first please... this kind of stuff just takes up space on the server. my advise: take it offline - quick. and try again. be creative! - Apr 11 2007
Iguana Costa Rica

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by kobbe
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Apr 01 2007
donde tomaste la foto? manuel antonio? tortuguero? ta grandote guey!

eg: where did you take that picture? manuel antonio? tortuguero? really huge iguana dude... but great picture! - Apr 01 2007
Futurosoft Icons

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Jul 24 2007
south of what border?? i mean yeah i do see what you're talking about (plus the C:\ bothers me as well) but it's a cool selection...

oh and btw: to the north of spain what could we find there... a lot of water, mainly, and when you go northeast you find france but for the past 200 years spain has not bordered the US.. - Feb 10 2007
Ubuntu Menu

Kbfx Startmenu 2 comments

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Feb 10 2007
not bad but 1) you misspelled ubuntu (it's not ubuntOO it's ubuntU) and secondly the category's definitely not amarok themes if i'm not mistaken but kbfx and stuff...

other than that hey neat i might use them :-) - Feb 10 2007
LoveKDE KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes 15 comments

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Oct 30 2007
the link doesn't work, seems like your page is down. of course it would be awesome if you could fix that as the preview looks great ... - Feb 05 2007

Compiz Themes 58 comments

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Nov 21 2006
great job there... even though i don't really adore vista i still think your theme is great! i'm using it right now... keep up the great work! :D - Nov 25 2006
New York WTC Site @ night II

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Oct 19 2006
that is a pretty good question and there's a huge controversy ... originally they were gonna build the Freedom Tower right where the WTC stood but then some problems came along... and there were new projects but apparently a lot of people didn't like those either because the new plans "didn't focus enough on the tragedy of 9/11" but tried to find a bigger context (which in my opinion is a good idea because looking at it as an isolated event is just pointless) so those got voted down. bloomberg (the mayor) promised he'd speed things up but there's still nothing. for more information check out this page: - Oct 20 2006