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Gianluca Sangiovanni Torino, Italy
Werelion GDM

GDM Themes by dernalis 7 comments

I like it. Id like to improve my themes using a "login box" like that...
Or maybe you're already working on that? - Oct 15 2007
Africa GDM Themes

GDM Themes by gianlu 3 comments

Yes, I'll make a orange/brown version, it isn't too difficult. - Oct 09 2007

GDM Themes by afirvida 1 comment

Where I can find her telephone number? :P - Oct 08 2007
Immunized GDM

GDM Themes by gianlu 2 comments

I've fixed the link.
I hope you enjoy it. - Sep 23 2007
Immunized system2

Wallpaper Other by aktarus 6 comments

Hi there I've used this wallpaper to make a nice login screen.

You can find it here - Apr 05 2007