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Gervase Markham
Firefox & Thunderbird icons

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Jul 07 2004
Sure - but the icons those words refer to are not the icons available for download here. The ones available here are the trademarked ones.

Gerv - Jul 09 2004
"these updated icons are better than what is included with the install of Firefox & Thunderbird."

That's as may be - we are working with the original poster to get them made available legally. However, making them available illegally meantime is not the way to behave.

Gerv - Jul 07 2004
These aren't "buttons expressing support for Firefox", and they haven't been placed on a web site (in the <img> sense), so that clause doesn't apply.

Gerv - Jul 07 2004
As you can see, the person who posted these icons is doing so in knowing violation of the trademark rights of the Mozilla Foundation.

We want to preserve our trademark rights, while making it easy for people to use the Firefox logos to label official builds of Firefox. We are still working out exactly how to do that - it's a learning process - but there's no need for behaviour like this.

I would ask people please not to download this package. - Jul 06 2004