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Oct 29 2013

It checks for linking with and the existence of gsl_version.h.
Can you check config.log what configure couldn't find?

You can send the config.log if unsure. - Dec 20 2007
what version of LabPlot do you use?
Please send me the data file.

the audiofile shouldn't be the problem. It just checks if the file is an audio file. - Jun 06 2006
What about using R as a backend for statistics in LabPlot?
I think LabPlot may become a good GUI interface to R someday. - Apr 10 2006
I fixed the log scale problems now in
If having 2 minor ticks i'm using the xmgrace style (ticks at 2 & 3) not the gnuplot style (ticks at 4 and 7).

The tex label legend problem still need to be fixed. - Apr 10 2006
Sorry, i couldn't fix everything in 1.5.1.
But i will work on these problems soon. - Apr 07 2006

I think i fixed this problem in LabPlot.
The gsl does not automatically scale the standard deviation with the parameter. I'm doing it manually now and it seems to give useful results.

Thanks for writing - Mar 20 2006

the development version of 1.5.1 allows using of rich text (sub/superscript, colors, etc.) in the legend. - Nov 03 2005

LabPlot depends on the package ghostscript-library. It should work if it is installed.
I can make an update RPM that depends on this package if you want.

What Fedora Core version do you have? - Oct 17 2005

I fixed this problem in 1.5.1.pre2 by saving and restoring all window size and position in a project. - Oct 17 2005
Ups, Sorry.

I fixed the link now. - Sep 12 2005

I fixed this problem by configuring kghostview correct :

Settings->Configure kghostview

Selection "Ghostscript"

Interpreter : gs
Non-Antialiasing : -sDEVICE=x11
Antialiasing: -sDEVICE=x11 -dTextAlphaBits=4 -dGraphicsAlphaBits=2 -dMaxBitmap=10000000 - Mar 31 2005
/usr/bin/kdebugdialog is in the package
kdebase-3.3.1 (kdebase-3.3.1-4.3.FC3.i386.rpm i think)
and should be installed for KDE.

Just enter "/usr/bin/kdebugdialog" in a terminal and see if its there. - Mar 30 2005

Please try the latest RPM @

If the problem still occurs please enable the debug messages with kdebugdialog ("Select all") and start LabPlot from a Terminal.
Please send me the output to see whats happening. - Mar 30 2005

It works if you rename the directory /usr/lib/qt/plugins :
"mv /usr/lib/qt/plugins /usr/lib/qt/".

I have no idea why but this somehow fixes the problem.

Is there anyone that knows what may cause this problem? - Jan 27 2005

is there any error message when you start it from a terminal?

Maybe you need to do "ldconfig" after installing LabPlot from source. - Dec 22 2004

xfntgreek was part of SuSE 9.0, but for SuSE 9.1 it was removed.

I put this package on the download site to make it available. - Jun 15 2004

It is possible to export to eps (using "export via pstoedit" or "export via ImageMagick"). Also exporting to svg (via ImageMagick) should work.
If i find a way to natively support exporting to eps,pdf or svg, i will try to include this.

thanks for the hint. - Jun 14 2004

The problem is :
KCmdLineArgs::parseAllArgs() in crashes the application.
I have to find out whats going wrong. For the moment i uncommented this line and updated all packages to fix this bug.

Please excuse any inconvenience. - Feb 17 2004

I have fixed a lot of compiling issues in the next release of LabPlot (1.2.3) which will appear at the end of februar.

Please mail me directly or look at the download section of the LabPlot homepage for more informations.

Please mail me your problems so i can tell you whats wrong and fix it in the next release.

Thanks - Feb 02 2004
The standard way to use components of other applications under KDE is KParts / DCOP. There are a lot of components available for text-editor, html-viewer, etc.

At the moment LabPlot doesn't define a KParts component for a plot widget, but i plan to write one. The way of writing a Kparts component seems to be well documented, so i will try to implement it soon and hope it will be available in the next stable release (LabPlot 1.2.3).

Stefan Gerlach - Jan 06 2004
I'm not sure how to work with R from LabPlot. There are 2 possible ways :

1. Make a frontend for R (for example a dialog for plots with all parameters) and let R display the data.
2. call functions of R to make analysis with the data of LabPlot.

I think the first method (frontend) isn't practical because i would have to implement every function as a gui element and change all LabPlot internal structures to R types.
The second one may be a good idea. I could translate all settings of a LabPlot plot to functions like plot or hist, etc. of R. Also i could call statistical functions of R to make analysis in LabPlot.

I have only very limited experience with R, so maybe you can give me an example how you would like to combine LabPlot with R. - Jan 06 2004

I think you missed the "File-Menu" section in chapter 3 of the KDE Handbook.
I give a short summary:
There are 3 ways to save plots as image :

1. File->Export to Image
bmp, jpg, jpg2000, pbm, pgm, png, ppm, tiff, xbm and xpm format supported

2. File->Export via PsToEdit
export to dxf, pdf, fig, etc. via pstoedit

3. File->Export via ImageMagick
export to over 100 different image formats via the ImageMagick library.

So there should be enough possiblities to save an plot as image.

Stefan Gerlach - Jan 05 2004