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Geoff Menard
Screensaver Control

Plasma 4 Extensions by cyberfuzzie 17 comments

This really needs tooltips saying clearly which is the active mode and to which mode it will switch too. Color/gray isn't clear. Normally widgets and buttons and everything popup a tooltip explaining what it is. This is especially true when the button isn't obvious.
Also, double clicking doesn't open screensaver, it locks the screen - Sep 23 2015
Screensaver Control

Plasma 4 Extensions by cyberfuzzie 17 comments

You mean the color corresponds to "screensaver is allowed"? I don't find this intuitive nor obvious, because of the nature of the widget. A blacked out icon usually means something is disabled but in the case of this specific widget, it could mean "the widget is disabled, therefore the screensaver is not inhibited" - meaning the opposite of the symbolic you chose.

I find the one in gnome2/mate is clear, the icon means obviously "sleep" and when you toggle it, there's a red circle with a bar above it, meaning without possible confusion "won't go to sleep". With just colors I find it easier to be confused.

If tooltips are complicated to code, I think at the very least users should be informed somewhere that the color means screensaver is allowed and the blacked out icon means screensaver is inhibited. Like in the widget description or in some "About" popup dialog.

Thanks for following up. - Oct 03 2013

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by dralgebra 153 comments

I installed kde-style-crystal on Linux Mint 15 KDE 4.11, it had to remove kde-window-manager which I didn't notice. A couple of days later my system is unusable (I just hibernate instead of rebooting most of the time...) I messed around a lot before finding out that kde-window-manager was missing. It seems to me it's probably an error in setting the dependencies... - Sep 19 2013
Screensaver Control

Plasma 4 Extensions by cyberfuzzie 17 comments

Hello, nice program but we don't know if screen saver is activated or deactivated. Every notification icon normally has a tooltip that explains what it is, you should use tooltips saying "automatic screensaver on", "automatic screensaver off" or something like that.
Thanks for developing useful software. - Feb 11 2012