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Jul 14 2007
Gilouche, modded with square borders :-) - Aug 18 2007
no sorry, but if you are looking for a good dark theme, check out
Murrina-Black: - Feb 04 2007
Thanks, it's Thunar the default filemanager in xfce4 :-) - Feb 04 2007

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Jul 14 2007
Weird, I can't remember i did this, maybe it's a bug I never noticed!
It might be there because your panel is bigger then the white picture I used for the panel bg. Or I simply made a 1px grey line on that picture, can't remember.

Go look in the theme folder for panel.png or panel-bg.png.

I'm sorry I can't help you more then this, but it's a long time since I made this theme and I don't have linux installed anymore. - Jul 19 2007
I'm not sure I understand what black line you are talking about, is it the black square for the menu? Or maybe the menubar in the panel?
:-) - Jul 19 2007
I don't know how to do this, but it is posible, look around and you'll find some other GTK themes that does this with en extra .rc file

GUI: xfce - Jul 16 2007
I'm glad you like the theme.

I'm sorry but I don't have Linux at the moment, so I can't test the theme with OO. But you can help me, try and run OO from a terminal and give me the output, and I'll see if I can make anything out of it.

Please send me an email with the output, instead of using this thread, that way I can also send a never version of the theme to you, if I figure out the problem, and you can test it for me :-)

Thanks. - Jul 16 2007
Tahoma 7.9 - Jan 06 2007
I made a white menubar just for you I also made i higher, give it a go, and see if it's still to small! - Jan 04 2007
I just updated it, give it a try and tell me what you think! - Jan 03 2007
Bitstream Vera Sans 7.8 (maybe 7.9) can't remember :) - Dec 28 2006
yes, that is my plan, maybe not an icon theme. - Dec 27 2006
do you have the gtk pixmap engine installed? - Dec 27 2006
It's allright :-)

I have talked to gerry and he said that he retired from themeing :-( so I can do what I want with the theme, he didn't care. So the licence will stay GPL!

Merry Christmas - Dec 23 2006
It's is kind of hard to say when it is to close, the theme only consists of to colors and a few lines. I think I'll make this a complete port of the VOID theme, and ask for Gerrits permission! In the mean time, what licence should I put this under? - Dec 22 2006

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Sep 27 2007
I think that maybe your colors are a little of on your monitor, try and adjust brightness and contrast.

This is trying to be a 1:1 port of a windows theme so sorry, no change :-) - Jul 19 2007
Candara 8px

( It's a Vista Font :-( but don't tell anyone.) - Jul 16 2007

Look for GSM sky - Jul 16 2007
No it's never gonna happen ;-) - Jul 16 2007
Tango Metacity Theme (Up again)

Metacity Themes 26 comments

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Apr 07 2007
link is dead, I want this theme - Mar 02 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 192 comments

by saki
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Dec 28 2008
just gotta love these, I know I do :)

What about an azureus icon?

Check your inbox - Aug 17 2005