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Wallpaper Other by paszczak000 5 comments

Not a fruit fly, just a common fly. And I am a biologist. Definitely NOT a mosquito. - May 13 2005
Darkmac I

Wallpaper Other by merlino211 2 comments

..smooth it out is my suggestion. The diagonal lines are a little annoying, if it were smooth that would help. - Feb 24 2005
field of gold

Wallpaper Other by shiva 7 comments

Too bad the power lines got in the way. :( - Feb 23 2005
Out to lunch

Wallpaper Other by zmeden 2 comments

Could you make a version without the ladybugs? They're cute, but not really for me. - Sep 16 2004
The Debian Way

Wallpapers Debian by hypestar 3 comments

Not really GPL is it? The background is the pic from Microsoft that you just added on top of. - Sep 16 2004
Seagulls on the Pacific Coast

Wallpaper Other by genedoc03 2 comments

Thanks for the comments. I debated about adding the url, but I have this (and other wallpaper) on my family web site so I wanted to include where the wallpaper originated from. I admit I am a novice at adding text to images. It looks fine to me on my computer (the url is actually mostly hidden by the taskbar), but if anyone has any tips on adding the text to be less intrusive, yet still readable (that was my problem with making it smaller, it wasn't clear enough to read) I would appreciate it. - May 05 2004
Texas Blue Bonnets (April 2004)

Wallpaper Other by genedoc03 2 comments

Thanks and you are welcome. - May 05 2004
Golden Gate in December

Wallpaper Other by genedoc03 2 comments

Thank you! - Feb 09 2004