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Aug 03 2009

Sorry for my late reply, completely forgot about this issue.

I'm using the 143 version of the murrine engine. I've removed the themes from the .themes folder and downloaded the murrine version of Shiki again. Same problem as before.

When starting Acrobat Reader from terminal, I see the following message:

OOO@OOO:~$ acroread
/home/sojusnik/.themes/Shiki-Human/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:124: error: unexpected identifier `progressbarstyle', expected character `}' - Feb 28 2009
Strangly, the preferences window of Acrobat Reader looks unharmonious, only this window, everything else in acrobat looks nice, with the Clearlooks Version: - Jan 26 2009
With the Clearlooks Version everything works like a charm. - Jan 26 2009

The newest version is not harmonizing with Acrobat Reader, default Ubuntu 8.10 version installed via synaptic:

Before MurrineSVN Upgrade, everything worked like a charm!

When will be the ugly lenghtended lines that are normally occuring around preselected areas finally removed?
- Jan 26 2009
Thx for your reply.

By thick boarders I mean this:

Maybe by reducing the height of this border, your theme will be looking even more smooth and harmonious. - Dec 03 2008
Is there actually a reason why the metacity boarder has to be so thick? Why not making it a little bit thinner? - Dec 02 2008
I've enabled Compiz, everythings great, but how to get this behaviour without compiz? - Dec 02 2008

That's strange you can't reproduce it. I've never tweaked something and the like. Just used the default Ubuntu theme with the "inverted" Metacity theme before I found your theme...

You mention the following in the description:

-The borders are very thin, and titlebars/menubars are unified because of "LOL, ELEGANCE". If you have any difficulty resizing windows, try the included alternate metacity with thicker borders.

-The following tweaks are recommended when using the included Metacities (press ALT + F2 and then input each command):
gconftool-2 --type float --set /apps/gwd/metacity_theme_opacity 1

gconftool-2 --type float --set /apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens/options/shadow_opacity 0.85

gconftool-2 --type float --set /apps/compiz/plugins/decoration/allscreens/options/shadow_radius 12

Should I try to apply your advice even without using Compiz?

sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root
sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root

That's the only tweak I did.

I've installed Icons, GTK, Metacity and GDM via your script and the other time manually, with no difference in mouse behaviour.

Where are your files regarding this theme more up to date, here on gnome-look or on your google code site?

Any suggestions where I can start to search for a solution to solve my current mouse behaviour? - Dec 02 2008
I think you misunderstood the mouse behaviour I ment. I've made a picture for clarification:

The green continuous lines are those where my mouse pointer turns into the cornerlike icon. This behaviour is great and practical, nothing to change here. The continuous red lines show where my mouse pointer turns cornerlike and exatly this is not necessary and annoying to me. The Human Theme (default in Ubuntu) has for instance the same mouse behaviour, but without the RED LINES. So my suggestion is to remove the area, which causes the mousepointer to change into the cornerlike icon, represented by the red lines, so that the mousepointer won't change into a cornerlike...

I will use VLC instead of Totem then.

Is there a metacity theme with the icon in the left upper corner and the same thin boarders as the shiki original theme has? Your answer implies that you can only have the window icon with a thicker boarders version.

Thx in advance! - Dec 02 2008

I've noticed some annyoing bug when using your great compilation:

Everytime when I am a little bit above or under the close "x" icon in the metacity panel, the mouse pointer suddenly changes into a cornerlike icon, that you normally see, when your mouse icon is placed in a corner of any window.

In this position I can resize the window, as if my mouse pointer was in a corner of a window, but it isn't, it's just a little bit above or under the "x" icon. This happens in every corner of any window.

I've installed the default Ubuntu Theme (Human) and noticed the same behaviour of this cornerlike icon appearing in the lower right und left corners. It's definitely not occuring in the upper corners. This is quite useful, but it's annoying to have it in the upper corners. You are using the upper corners of a window very frequently, especially the upper rigt one. So the appearing of the cornerlike icon is very annoying and irritating, due to the frequent use of the area, where this bug appears.

I'm using Intrepid Ibex with a disabled Compiz.

Is it possible with this theme to have the icon of the window in the left upper corner instead of the circle icon?

Is it possible to remove the small white boarder around the video area in the Totem Player?

See picture:

Maybe change the color into black or a color that is matching the metacity panel for a smoother experience.

Nevertheless a huge "Thank you" for your nice piece of art! - Dec 02 2008
ColorizeMe is marvellous!

Thank you very much for your great work! - Dec 01 2008
Anki icon

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Feb 10 2009
Maybe you should tell the author of Anki, that he might replace his icon with this one. - Feb 22 2009

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Dec 25 2008
Thx for replying.

That's a pity! So how did you managed to change the color in the oxygen-refit set then? - Nov 10 2008
Thanks for your awesome icon collection!

I used oxygen-refit before, but this is even better.

Unfortunately this icon set has some bugs:
As you can see in the following 4 pictures, some icons don't change their color so that they match the folder's color, as it's done in oxygen-refit. The color of my folders is orange, but the icons in the pictures are blue.


Hoping for a soon solution. - Nov 10 2008

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Aug 21 2008
I think most of us would appreciate this, good luck to you! - May 08 2008
Any chance that someone who knows how will improve this icon theme, so that it will interact smoother with for example Hardy Heron?

It seems so that the Uploader of this icon theme vanished.

Maybe an experienced user could also include several other icons from David Lanham?

Nice Links: - Apr 26 2008
This port is really great, looks fantastic and fresh! Thank you very much!

But there are also some negative points about it:

Not all icons are functioning properly.

For example the naviagtion arrows are from Tango Theme, the OK and CANCEL buttons also, so they were not correctly adopted.

If you find time, we would be happy about a fix.

By the way, I am on Gutsy, Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance! - Oct 21 2007

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by uel
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May 24 2008
Hi uel,

What Window Manager are you using, is it Metacity? Where can I get that nice skin?

Thx - Dec 20 2007