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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Jul 27 2005
are not in any way the same thing ! - Aug 05 2005
you are welcome, it took all of 1/8th of a day and i can't believe nobody did it before. - Jul 27 2005
whatever, this implementation of tabs in kedit took a whole of 3 hours to do and added very little code so it didn't make it heavy in any way. It's all just different tools for different jobs. I actually use simple text editor more than anything else on the computer and i don't even install those other more bloated kde ones you mention. If i need something more i use emacs or abiword. It's just a matter of taste and need. - Jul 27 2005
Thanks for pointing this out. I forgot all about that. If you want to change your own KEdit.desktop file in the package just put
Exec=kedit %U
and reinstall or i fixed the package. - Jul 27 2005

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Jul 06 2005
notes to self now that i have time to work on this again.
if first tab is untitled and empty open file into that then.
make nice dialog boxes
people must like nice dialog boxes - Jul 06 2005
thanks for the feedback..
i certainly built it to replace kedit on my system -- only because kedit wouldn't do some stuff i needed to do -- so no i guess it's not faster and lighter just different. - Oct 01 2004