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Gary Johnston Brantford, Canada

Various Gnome Stuff by M7S 39 comments

I really like dockbarx, global menu, and namebar.

I hope someday my panel will look like this:

Main Menu


Namebar (just the left side)

Global Menu (with all apps working like kde apps, firefox, etc.)

Namebar (just the right side) > System Tray (and/or Important App menus like Canocial is proposing)

a comprehensive system monitor menu (not yet developed)

Comprehensive Weather menu (not yet developed)

Date / Time (linked to the app of my choosing [ie. google calendar])

There might be a show desktop in there too even though I don't use it :) - Apr 27 2010
Net Monitor

Conky by drxnele 78 comments

I really needed a simple to use network traffic analyzer and this is great!

A few suggestions that would make this perfect for me:

1: I don't need the speed monitor...there are a million of these. I only need the totals.

2: My monthly usage doesn't start neatly at the beginning of the month. Actually it starts mid-month, so either manual clearing stats at the end of my period or a way to configure it would be nice.


PS I can use it the way it is (which I am) but it means that I have a lot of work to do to really track my usage. As it is now I will have to do work twice per month, at exactly the right time, to track my usage properly. - Mar 30 2009
Evergreen Frost

Plasma Color Schemes by mwoehlke 3 comments

This colour scheme is very nice.

Can u suggest a matching Compiz theme? - Feb 21 2009
Ubuntu Black

Wallpapers Ubuntu by ButteryPat 1 comment

Goes well with Ubuntu Studio as well.

- Jan 28 2008