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Amarok 2.x Scripts

Amarok 2.x Scripts 35 comments

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Apr 09 2012
In fact , if i am not wrong, amarock fetch cover only if there is no cover already so we are screwed we can not trigger "download the cover" - Mar 09 2011
The only thing I see is to manually remove your local wrong cover from your album directory. - Mar 08 2011
thanks for this repport. I clearly understand your idea.
But I don't have a lot of time currently...
I will do my best.
cu - May 14 2010
If I understand, you don't get right how the script works:
If amarok has a cover
verify if this cover is from amarok's directory (fetched one) or if is from the song's directory.
If it from the song's directory
then do nothing
if it is a fetched one
then move it to the song's directory

So in your case, if amarok does not have a cover then it does nothing! It does not create a cover! It only moves what amarok had found.
What it can occurred is that just after my script had move the cover, then amarok is confused for a few seconds... but that is all for me.
I am not sure to understand if it is what you mean
CU - May 08 2010
Hi Aurélien!
First of all thank you for your original work!
Then, yeah always search if it has not already been done! Me I had an excuse , Takahani did not put it public! :p
But at least we could with our 3 much less free time do make it better.
I will check out your code this evening to see what is the best move to do.
Personally my script can be improved but I don't have much time for that. So perhaps we tree of us can do it :)
- Apr 01 2010
Ok I have just tested it and it still works for me.
So we could try somethings.
Canyou send me a private message? it will be easier - Mar 28 2010
Hum.. I don't know..
I will check it on my laptop.
I have amarok 2.3 and kde4.4.1 and I did not check my script since those upgrades.
I will let you know (with at least a way to check that why)
CU - Mar 24 2010
I tried to do this this evening.. but can't manage to write a file with this script language(if some body know..)
one day... - Feb 12 2010
ok thanks I understand now:
a "oneclick" button for all temporary covers
But I think I don't have tool to do that right now..
I mean as far as I know I don't have amarok's method to receive the name of the corresponding album to a temporary cover. For the moment I can just now it because :
I test if amarok has a cover for the current track,
if it does, I know the destination because i know the current track but that is all! so no method to parse all temporary cover and ask for the corresponding album.
When I will have some time I will look after the translation.
CU - Jan 18 2010
can you explain a bit please?
thx - Jan 16 2010
Ok, so I have changed the link in the about dialog. It is a shame that there is no X-KDE-PluginInfo-BugReport= available...
Thanks ,
CU - Jan 10 2010
Your are completely right..
I did not loot at this close enough...
Now, how do I do to register an app on (already have an account)
thx cu - Jan 08 2010
eu sorry.. in fact if I use always jpg because amarok's fetched image ARE jpg's, you can check it. But it is also right that it is the case with a fresh install f amarok on a fresh account so perhaps in some cases..
Anyway checking for the real format is a good thing to do :) - Nov 29 2009
Are you sure that Takahani's version deals with JPG??? anyway, I hae always wrote that in my todolist..."-Check for the format of the source image"
I will see what I can do - Nov 29 2009
ok .... bouuu
could n't you post it!?!!
tss :p
I will contact you
CU - Oct 07 2009

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Jan 26 2011
thx - May 03 2010
Thanks for this release!
How can I manage my qmake project? - May 02 2010
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts 143 comments

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Oct 21 2007
in fact! I have done a clone of this for amarok 2 and it is here :

- Oct 23 2009
Is there any news about this?
Because I am rely interested. I have also email the author to aske him if he plan this.. - Oct 04 2009
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